100 Reasons We Love the 100K House


100k House New - Three Projects

  1. Birch Plywood
  2. Concrete
  3. Radiant Heat (so much better than forced air)
  4. <$100 per month utility bills
  5. Heating water with the sun (Solar thermal)
  6. Natural light in the shower (solatube)
  7. Dual Flush toilets (Press 1 for #1 and 2 for #2)
  8. Open floorplan
  9. One door only
  10. Simplicity
  11. 100k Kitchen with Ludemans 1

  12. The noticeable positive impact it had on our mood while living there
  13. The noticeable impact it had on first time visitors’ moods upon entering
  14. Open riser stairs
  15. Hanging bike storage under stairs
  16. Induction cooktop (so much better than gas)
  17. All in one washer-dryer (this goes in hate category some days also…)
  18. People mistaking it for an office building (It’s only two stories people!)
  19. Complete strangers telling us it was the ugliest house they’d ever seen
  20. Complete strangers telling us it was beautiful
  21. Energy Star HERS of 50
  22. 100k Living Room with Ludemans

  23. LEED Platinum
  24. LEED for Homes 2010 Home of the Year
  25. AIA Philly Award
  26. AIA PA Award
  27. AIA National Award
  28. Exposed CFL bulbs
  29. $1.50 porcelain keyless fixtures
  30. The sliver of double height space in the back
  31. The double height space in the front
  32. The “glow” from the rear 2 story space
  33. 100k Dining Table with Courtney

  34. No dingy basement
  35. No closets
  36. IKEA hack cantilevered credenza
  37. Meeting Claire & Avery (120K buyers)
  38. No fence between 100K and 120K
  39. Avery’s garden
  40. Shared tool shed
  41. Meeting Brian Phillips and Interface Studio Architects
  42. Working with and learning from Magrann
  43. Meeting and learning from what now seems like hundreds of like minded people across this globe
  44. 100k Stair Wall with Ludemans

  45. 100khouse.com
  46. Learning from so many thoughtful commenters on 100khouse.com
  47. Japanese inspired floor storage cubbies
  48. The beginning of the search for “the perfect grey”
  49. The 6′ long magnetic spice rack
  50. Minimal upper cabinets
  51. Just the right sized fridge
  52. Casement windows
  53. Checking the Weather Channel App religiously to determine when to open and close windows in the summer
  54. Open ground floor windows at night. Alarm on strategy of diurnal cooling
  55. 100k Kitchen

  56. Being set back 8′ from street (really increases intimacy)
  57. 100% permeable landscaping
  58. Watering our plants with rain water
  59. Perfect size yard for eating, growing and grilling
  60. Custom dining table by BenchDogDesign
  61. Buying all new furniture that respected the house
  62. Falling in love with BluDot and CB2
  63. Meeting the dude that designed our favorite Offi chair ever
  64. Spread in Dwell (one of our biggest inspirations)
  65. GRID Magazine
  66. 100k Bedroom with Courtney and Teague

  67. A reason to attend Greenbuild
  68. Enough PR success to overcome lack of financial success in early years of business
  69. A reason to learn more
  70. A reason to continually improve every house
  71. Learning that we hate stucco
  72. Learning that we hate torch down asphalt roofs
  73. Learning that we don’t like caulking joints of cladding
  74. SIPs
  75. Just enough prefab
  76. A chance to break bread with Preston Koerner
  77. 100k Bathroom

  78. A chance to break bread with Lloyd Alter
  79. An opportunity to write “Prefab is not the Answer…
  80. Our first son was born there
  81. Motivation to sleep train our first born in a house with no doors
  82. Ocean white noise machine
  83. Instant desire to learn and acquire art with such a perfect canvas to hang it on
  84. Meeting many talented, local artists
  85. Simpler parties
  86. Better parties
  87. Nursery tree decal
  88. 100k Baby Room with Courtney and Teague

  89. White cellular window shades (perfect balance of natural light and privacy)
  90. Meeting talented photographers and video crews
  91. Meeting Inga
  92. “2nd shift” home office
  93. Wire bakers rack
  94. It’s not too much
  95. It’s not too little
  96. Getting turned on to the Passive House movement and the amazing people involved in bringing it to the US
  97. Seeing a framing crew fly up from Florida to help frame for free in order to learn about SIPs
  98. Learning how to permit a house in Philly
  99. 100k Living Room with the Ludemans

  100. Learning how to build a house in Philly
  101. East Kensington
  102. Building the first new construction house in an undervalued neighborhood in decades
  103. Two blocks from El station
  104. Two blocks from Frankford Ave
  105. One block to Trenton Ave Arts Festival and Kinetic Sculpture Derby
  106. Setting precedent for others to build small, modern and green nearby
  107. Watching Nic market one project for 9 months straight with no budget
  108. Somehow and excuse to spend $3,800 at Memphis Taproom in it’s first year of existence (Don’t ask)
  109. Confirmation that this is what we want to do with the rest of our lives

120K Final Exterior


  1. tyler says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and transparency in the 100k house. It was a great project that helped inspire our project and teach us along the way. Keep up the authentic work.

  2. Chad Ludeman says:

    Thanks for the kind words Tyler. BTW – Your blog and modern house look great. Glad we could be of some help. One of the big reasons we put so much effort into the 100KHouse.com blog was to try and inspire and educate others trying to pull off similar projects around the country. At the point we started it, there was little on the web to this effect. It’s great to see so many blogs like yours and many others building similar homes sharing so much more info online today.

    The web community around DIY modern and sustainable home building has exploded over the past 5 years and it’s really been fun and educational to be a part of it. Keep up the good work and best of luck finishing off the details on your house. Looks amazing. Jealous…

  3. Demetra Theodora says:

    Currently doing a project on the 100k Home with my school partner for our Interior Design Technology Program . Inspiring to see that quality does not always have to be effected when working with a smaller budget and environmentally friendly products. Thanks for all the published info, helping to make our project a breeze!

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