About Postgreen

Our mission is to provide lots of different by designing for you and building for tomorrow.

Our Goal

At Postgreen Homes we create sustainable communities through conscious development.

We view social and environmental issues as opportunities to redefine modern living.

Awards & Press

  • USGBC – LEED for Homes Projects of the Year 2010
  • Five LEED for Homes Platinum Certifications and counting
  • AIA – National Housing Award
  • AIA – PA -Architectural Excellence
  • AIA – Phily – Architectural Excellence


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  • Dwell Magazine – “See What Develops” (2011 Feature Article)
  • Metropolis Mag
  • Philadelphia Business Journal
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Treehugger
  • GOOD Magazine


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Our Story

This company started with a longing to leave the corporate grind and a logo. From there it morphed into an idea to bring quality design and sustainable construction to the average earner in Philadelphia pining for homes in the pages of Dwell they could not afford.

The 100K House was our 1st project and fortuitously became the perfect storm that fueled our survival and ultimate growth in the worst real estate market in our lives. We now work to continually improve our model and bring more and better homes to nice folks in Philly.

Our Values

  • Sustainability
  • Attainability
  • Customization
  • Genuine Customer Service
  • Local Economy
  • Smart Urbanism
  • Transparency
  • Modern Design
  • Quality Design
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • Shameless / Fun
  • Continual Improvement


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Courtney Ludeman

Director of Enforcement

Nic Darling

Minister of Information

Brian Ledder

The Center of Truth

Our Neighborhoods

Philadelphia is amazing.  And although we’d love to give it one of our homes in every neighborhood, to do that we’d have to do a lot of wheeling and dealing and then compromising. We don’t compromise well, and so instead we focus on a few important neighborhoods. These ‘hoods have been strategically selected in order to enable our core values to be achieved in each development.

  • East Kensington
  • South Kensington
  • Olde Kensington
  • Fishtown
  • Francisville
This is the definition of green building for me: a simple design ona recycled urban lot without a lot of gizmo green. This is what people should be building...


To build sustainable places to live, work and play, we make energy efficiency one of our top goals. It lowers both your utility bills and your carbon footprint and can pad your wallet with some extra spending money each month.

Energy Efficiency

The exterior of your home; the walls, windows, doors and roof. It’s what keeps the inside in and the outside out, and it’s the most vital element in an energy efficient home. We build a super insulated super sealed envelope that contains your conditioned air, leaving the extremes of heat and cold knocking in vain. Once that envelope is inspected, and each potential nail hole considered we close it up tight and set our boys loose on LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and of course a well run, carefully laid out HVAC system.  Our standard home delivers energy bills less than half of an average new construction home as a result.



Energy Efficiency

Healthy Interiors

  • Excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Healthy, Filtered Ventilation
  • Low-VOC flooring & cabinets
  • Low-VOC paints & finishes
  • 100% Hard Surface Floors
  • Tons of Natural Light & Air

Sustainable Materials

LOCAL. Not only is it better for the environment, we also get to meet makers — our kind of people. RENEWABLE. We seek out renewable materials that replenish themselves. RECYCLED. Innovative reuse or recycling of materials is the best way to deal with the flotsam of the failed and worn-out.

Water Conservation

  • Native & Drought Tolerant Landscaping
  • Green Roofs
  • Rain Collection
  • Low-flow Fixtures
  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • Permeable landscaping & paving


It’s funny how one’s carbon footprint is often lessened by increasing the use of one’s feet. We build our homes in areas that score high for walkability and where trains and buses are common.

This 100k house seems perfect for Philly. I like that this is about houses, not housing.

Kerrie Jacobs, Metropolis Magazine


We obsess over design and we don’t just mean curb appeal. From architecture to cabinets and light fixtures to the guts and skin of the homes. We take all aspects of design quite seriously.

Interior Design

  • Material palette
  • Custom/Local Casework (kitchens & baths)
  • Lighting & light fixtures
  • Local collaborations

Award-winning Architecture

We’ve chosen next level architects. These guys have the degrees and awards on their walls to prove it, but more importantly, these guys just get quality, modern design in urban settings. (Here’s a list of some of the awards we’ve won with them.)

Quality Construction

  • Fiberglass, Triple-Pane Windows
  • Commercial Rubber Roof
  • Engineered Lumber (Floor joists, subfloor)
  • Ventilated Facade
  • Hardwood Floors Throughout
  • ⅝” Drywall throughout

Quality Details

  • 3rd Party Verified
  • Professionally Designed Mechanicals
  • Double Blower Door Tested
  • Advanced Air Sealing
  • 100% Continuous Insulation
  • Best in Class Flashing Details


People want a house that is their own. Has their own personal stamp on it. Exudes their unique style. We strive to give them that with 250 custom options and counting all in a familiar online selection process.

Curated by Postgreen

We’ve invested years in selecting a curated list of options for you that ensures you are getting the best value from locally available materials. Many design eyes have poured over our list to avoid clashing material palettes.


  • General Interior
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Landscaping
  • Miscellaneous Coolness
  • Renewable Energy

Customized by You

  • Find a Postgreen Homes project that suits you.
  • Select your specific home.
  • Customize everything — from the number of bedrooms to the lighting, flooring, appliances, doorknobs…
  • The price is updated as you go.
  • We email you a PDF of your new home that you can take to your Realtor.

Sustainable design is too often a luxury, available only to the wealthy. But [Postgreen Homes] wants to change that. The goal is to dispel the idea that solar panels are only for those with the cash to throw around.

Joel Rose, GOOD Magazine

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