Absurd Marketing Videos for Avant Garage


Last night Nic and I had a rare opportunity to grab an adult beverage away from our tiny people responsibilities. We were discussing some of the past absurd marketing efforts we’ve made here over the past few years. We came to the horrifying realization that we had never shared Nic’s ridiculous series of videos targeted to specific Real Estate Agencies in the city for the Avant Garage project.

These videos were produced two whole years ago when we first started the Avant Garage project. They got a few laughs from the respective offices, but we never did remember to post them here for your viewing pleasure. Today we have corrected that error and posted all four videos below. These were made at Nic’s home and impressively recited in one take with no cutting or editing whatsoever. Do stay tuned for the end for some poorly photoshopped images that really puts the icing on these video gems.

Of course, we encourage your thoughts on these in the comments. Nic is ecstatic that I am posting these here today and can’t wait to here your thoughts.

We have one of these units left for sale. It’s beautifully staged and easy to show. Make an appointment today with one of these fine real estate teams below.

Coldwell Banker Perferred Green Team Video:

Mark Wade Team Video:


The Somers Team Video:


  1. Do these videos work for anyone? I’m not able to watch them in Safari or Chrome.

  2. Chad Ludeman says:

    They work for me of course. Using Chrome mainly these days.

  3. i apologize, it was a plug-in issue.

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