All’s Quiet Inside Avant Garage: Insulation Installed


I walked through the Avant Garage project today to take a look at the insulation work which was just completed and I was immediately struck by how incredibly quiet it was inside. Even the noise of my own movements seemed to disappear as quickly as it happened. Perhaps I’ll move into one of these and set up that recording studio I’ve been dreaming about . . . you know, the one that does nothing but punk covers of 80’s commercial jingles.

The reason for all this quiet is also one of the key elements that provides our exceptional energy efficiency . . . insulation and lot’s of it. The facade walls, roof and floor are full of dense pack cellulose and the party walls are crammed with EcoBatts. We even insulated the bathroom walls to provide for a little extra audio privacy. Not a typical addition, but one anybody might be thankful for at one time or another.

We have talked quite a bit about our approaches to insulation over the past few projects, so I am going to keep this post at a simple show and tell level. Questions are, of course, welcome.

We will start in the place you can see the least. This image shows our facade wall at a window. You can see that we drywall first and then “drill and fill” with cellulose insulation. This picture gives a good look at the thickness of the wall and you can see a few of the drilled holes where we blew in the cellulose. These walls will later be reviewed with a special camera to assure there are no voids. For more on why we drywall first in these thick, double-stud wall conditions, check out this post in the 100k Archive.


Next are the party walls. The party walls don’t require much insulation because they are shared with another conditioned space. The insulation in these walls is really more about sound reduction. So, instead of using blown-in cellulose which is more labor intensive and expensive, we use Eco-Batts.



We also have some interesting insulation moments because of the garages and our stadium stair. We deal with these by blowing in huge amounts of cellulose. The first pick shows the garage ceiling and the back of the stadium stair. The second shows the section of the second floor that hangs out over the garage opening.



They key point of all of this is that we put insulation everywhere. Any cavity between the interior and exterior is filled. This provides thermal protection and incredible sound dampening. It also helps retard air movement. All this adds up to more comfort in your home, more money in your wallet and more of a quiet refuge when you need it.

For those that like numbers, we end up with . . .

Roof: R60.8
Walls: R36.9
Floor: R50

Ask and tell in the comments.


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