Announcing the 7 Layer House by DIGSAU Architects


We have a new house to announce. You may have seen us posting about this on the social medias by now, but we haven’t officially introduced this project on the website here yet, so here goes. This is the “7 Layer House” designed by DIGSAU architects as part of the first phase of our K’House project with Indy Hall.


This is our first “Signature Home” that breaks the traditional Postgreen Homes mold a bit by offering a higher level of design and finishes with less options available to the end buyer due to the custom nature of the design. We give the architects a bit more freedom in design and bump up our budgets in a few categories to get a one of a kind product that will never be reproduced. This comes with a higher price tag as well so we plan to keep these types of units to a minimum to continue with our brand of offering more affordable, modern and green homes to the average Philadelphian.

You may have noticed that this house is on the K’House lot and looks nothing like the cohousing building we had designed with DIGSAU and Indy Hall members a good number of months ago. You’d be right. Long story short is we got shot down by the ZBA of our cohousing design and rather than waste time fighting or re-designing and getting shot down again, we decided to build a few homes on the site and not waste our investors’ time and money. In the meantime we will be looking for a better site for the ultimate K’House cohousing project where we can build something by right within the new and improved Philly zoning code. Yay for improvement.

7  Layer House Facade Rendering Angle

The first thing you’ll notice is that this is our first brick facade. A little crazy for us. DIGSAU’s concept was to have an old, worn brick to be applied in a simple pattern with very clean and random window openings punching through it. The window wraps are not painted yet in the picture above taken this afternoon.

We were fortunate with the actual bricks. We randomly stopped into local Provenance Architecturals during the design process. They happened to have about 18 pallets of a beautiful paver brick reclaimed from the historic Poplar House in Wayne, PA. It was right before the opening of Design Philadelphia which they were hosting and they needed to get rid of all of them. We struck a great deal even though we weren’t anywhere near ready for construction and put them in the lot for a few months. Well they’re on the house now and we couldn’t be more pleased. The bricks vary a bit in size and color and our brick layers obliged us by striking deeper than normal joints in an irregular fashion rather than trying to get them perfectly smooth. They also left the faces of the brick uncleaned for the most part to further add to the character.

OK, let’s dive into the plans and yes I named this house after the delicious 7 Layer Burrito from Taco Bell. It just felt right and you’ll have to bear with the cheesy references (pun intended).

Level 1 – Basement (Premium Latin Rice Layer)

We’ll start in the first level or the half finished basement or the Rice Layer. The rear third of the basement has low ceilings and is for storage and mechanicals only. The middle third contains a half bath and a dry bar along the stair wall (not pictured). The front third has two wide windows for natural light and will contain all of the media equipment for the house. It is wired for surround sound and ready for a shiny new flat screen or projector.

Basement Plan

Levels 2 & 3 (Hearty Beans & 3 Cheese Blend Layers)

The second layer is the kitchen in the back of the house. It’s a few steps down from the raised living room and contains a double height space along the entire width of the back of the building noted by the dotted line. We’ve changed the layout a bit to be an L-shaped kitchen along the back and side walls for better flow. We’re including an upgraded Bosch appliance package with built in wall oven, microwave and separate induction cooktop. Very fancy for us.

The living room is designed almost like a gallery with recessed wall washing lights throughout and two dramatic double height spaces. We wanted this room to be more formal which is part of the reasoning behind putting a dedicated media room in the basement. The dining table could go in either of these two rooms as well.


Levels 4 & 5 (Crisp Shredded Lettuce & Diced Ripe Tomatoes Layers)

The next level up is what will most likely be a den in the rear of the house. It is surrounded by two of the double height spaces, so there is really no way to close it off unless you hate awesome spaces and want to put up some walls and completely ruin it. The gallery style lighting continues here and this would make a perfect home office or hobby room or just another lounge area.

Walk up another half flight of stairs and you pass the first full bathroom with Duravit and Grohe fixtures and a sliding pocket door for more room. You then come to the 3rd double height space above the entrance and the first room that could be reasonably closed off to make a private bedroom if desired.


Levels 6 & 7 (Reduced-Fat Sour Cream & Chunky Guacamole Layers)

The top floor has two more levels and two more bedrooms. The top room is the master suite with an en suite bathroom and a full wall of wardrobes that we’re not showing here. The lower room is another spot that could be closed off with a custom barn door or left open as a dressing area or library type room.

In between these two rooms we’ve carved out a private roof deck that’s perfect for sipping coffee in the AM or bourbon in the PM. It has some special lighting to add to the atmosphere at night.

That’s it for now. We wanted to get this thing introduced and will get into more photos and details on the appliances and finishes and such in later posts.


  1. Alex Hillman says:

    From the Indy Hall side of this project, I’m still bullish on urban cohousing AND Kensington. Count this announcement as a win, not a loss, for cohousing in Philadelphia, and look forward to meeting the people who choose this awesome spot to become our new neighbors!

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