Apolis + Postgreen Homes



We are proud to announce our partnership with Apolis and their Bangladesh Project to bring their Global Citizen Market Series Tote Bags to Philadelphia. Apolis is a socially motivated lifestyle brand that empowers communities worldwide. Here is a short video on the Bangladesh Project.

The Bangladesh Project seeks to empower social entrepreneurs around the world. Since 2009, Apolis has partnered with Saidpur Enterprises, a co-op in Bangladesh, to create over 100,000 “resilient shopping bags”. For 40 years, Saidpur Enterprises have been providing fair wages to Bangladeshi mothers of malnourished children. In addition to providing temporary employment, they also provide “literacy classes, training on nutrition, women’s legal rights, educational awareness and finance”.


The bags feature vegetable-tanned leather handles and a waterproof lining (with a pocket inside!). We’ve reinforced those handles by adding a beeswax waterproofing agent  to last even longer. The bags also have a patch signifying our partnership and support.

DSC_0314 BW Low Res

All members of the Postgreen Family will receive one of these bags for free (hint, hint: to become a member of the Postgreen Family you have to buy one of our houses)!


Are you not ready to buy a home? Or do you want to support the Bangladesh project? Or do you simply want a classy tote to rep your city? The waterproof and eco-friendly bags that hold groceries, babies, or your favorite bottles of wine, are $68 each. Please contact ethan@postgreen.com or at 607.279.7693 if you are interested.


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