Arbor House: Our Newest Project!


Read the full press release or download a copy.

Arbor House has finally arrived and we’re pretty darn excited. Not just for the summer memories that will be shared on the roofdecks or backyards. Or for the cozy winters that will be relished. We’re excited for much, much more. We’re excited for the nine families that will soon call Fishtown home. And we’re excited that Jenny Sabin is on board to design the exterior, the talented artist who designed the railings and benches over at Folsom Powerhouse and who has done work for clients such as Nike and the National Science Foundation. Most of all, we’re excited to welcome nine new families into the Postgreen Homes Family.

Chad Ludeman describes the new development: “Arbor House will offer homes as low as $280K compared to the $450K+ townhome that seems to be the norm. That allows us to further our mission of bringing quality design, construction and sustainability to an entire demographic that typically has zero new construction options (good or bad) in their price range.” Arbor House features nine units ranging in size from 950 – 1650 ft2. Each unit has two bedrooms and either one or two bathrooms. Four of the units will be feature backyards and three more will have roof decks.


One of the coolest things about Arbor House will be its facade. We have recruited the talented Jenny Sabin to design the exterior. Sabin describes the facade, Light Web, as “a spatial and architectural mural materialized at the scale of the building facade. Inspired by local organic growth systems, our algorithmic design integrates phenomena of light, human engagement, and a branching system with very simple emergent patterns that operate within architectural constraints. Featuring passive shading, “Light Web” undulates across the stoops, bays, and windows as laser cut steel panels, etched virock and responsive lighting offering both sustainable and functional features as well as levity and light in the neighborhood,” Sabin explains. Below is a rendering of what the final design could look like. We’re pretty excited!

Sabin’s design studio is based out of Ithaca, NY, where she works and is a professor at Cornell University. She has an impressive resume. In addition to have worked for the companies above, she has won many prestigious awards including the Architectural League Prize. She has also being awarded a Pew Fellowship and named a USA Knight Fellow.jennysabinwebopt

If you’ve walked by the property over the last few days, you’ll notice a bunch of stenciled Postgreen P’s. Glossblack, our favorite Philly street artist, painted some of them. Be sure to check them out at night, they may or may not be illuminated!

These homes are outfitted with triple pane windows, energy star HVAC and super insulation. Head over to the project page to view detailed floor plans. Develop Philly will be working with us to sell the four units at 2324 Memphis St.

Read the full press release or download a copy.


  1. Ken Milano says:

    From your press release:

    “In keeping with tradition, Postgreen has dubbed this new project ‘Arbor House’, to honor the previous green space and large Walnut trees previously occupying the space.”

    Would not it have been more honorable if you had not chopped down these walnut trees to build these homes? It’s not like we have a shortage of expensive houses in the city.

  2. Ethan Peck says:

    Hi Ken, thanks for your comment.

    We work to mitigate the negative aspects of urban development by building consciously and sustainably with a focus on healthy community development. We try to build what the growing Fishtown neighborhood can benefit from: Attainable homes at appropriate price points.

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