Artist Accent Wall Options – Julia Blaukopf


We have an ongoing goal to offer more custom options in our homes from local artists and craftspeople. Not only is it a lot of fun to collaborate with local talent, but it’s an easy way for our buyers to support local folks while getting something completely unique in their new home that can’t be bought online or even found on a Pinterest board.

One idea we’ve been kicking around for a while is artist accent walls. We all love accent walls and while it’s easy to paint one or even put up some pallet wood on one, we wanted to do something a bit more unique (not that we probably won’t offer those options soon also). We’re happy to announce our first artist – Julia Blaukopf – to take part in this new program with us. Julia is more talented than we probably deserve to work with, which is why we’re pretty psyched about the potential of her work in our homes. She has a varied background that includes all types of photography, a book, jewelry and most recently architectural wallpaper created from her photography works.

Not only is Julia local to Philly, but to our favorite conference room – The Memphis Taproom. Her home and studio are basically across the street and this has helped us hone her options for us over a few meetings. In the end Julia narrowed in on three themes for her work in our homes – Nature, Urban Landscape and the Beach. Julia will be joining us at our Duplexcellence 2 event on Thursday, May 7th next week to show her work in person for the first time in one of our homes. In the meantime, check out the renderings she did for us based on the interiors of the finished Duplexcellence units. We’re in the early stages of this option yet, so it is not on the customization yet, but if you are in line for one of our new homes, just ask and we’ll figure it out quickly with Julia…

Nature Examples from Julia

Urban Landscape Examples from Julia

Beach / Ocean Examples from Julia

If this looks interesting to any other local artists out there, please contact us as we’re trying to offer a couple of different artists options to people eventually. If you like Julia’s work above, please let her know in the comments, or better yet, come tell her in person on the 7th. Thanks!

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