Avant Garage Tourstravaganza


Avant Garage Tourstravaganza

The first two homes in the Avant Garage project are nearly halfway complete, and we felt it was high time we started showing them off. So, we started planning an event and quickly found that the scope of our plans had gone beyond a simple open house or tour. We needed a new name, and it had to be the right mix of self-aware cheesiness, over-the-top superlative and entertaining spelling. After finding and discarding promising ideas like Tour n’ More, Wide Wide Open House, Tour de Force, Openest House and Tourrific, we finally settled on Tourstravaganza, a decision based largely on Scrabble points.

The reason for the 28 point (without any triple word scores) title for this event is that we are taking it beyond a basic tour. We will have a bunch of our partners throughout the home to explain how their work makes our homes (and other sustainable buildings) possible. There will also be a variety of local furniture designers scattering their beautiful pieces about. Our new kitchen line will be on display as will be the art of several talented local artists. Top that all off with plenty of wine, beer and refreshments and you have the makings of a serious party. And everyone is invited . . .

What: Avant Garage Tourstravaganza
Where: 401 Memphis St., Philadelphia, PA 19125 (map)
When: June 29, 2011, 5:30pm to 10pm
Who: Anyone interested in design, green building, art and/or refreshments.

So, invite your friends. Invite your friends friends. Heck, invite your enemies. Just let us know who is coming by visiting our Facebook event page or by emailing nic@postgreen.com.

We would like to thank those who are making it possible for us to have this great event. First our couple big sponsors whose support will make the delicious food and drink at this event possible and whose work for us plays a big role in making our homes possible.

Shelly's Lumber

And second (in order, not in our hearts) the partners who will make the event exciting long after you are tired of talking to us . . .

SHIFT_DESIGN – Sustainable products with a focus on design including rain collection, sun shades, planters and more.
Garden Hangouts – Our go to team for landscaping work. They specialize in urban beautification.
BioNeighbors – When we need a green roof, we call these guys, and it turns out we need green roofs on these homes.
Consider Furniture – Furniture made from construction waste. Almost makes me wish we wasted a little more.
Helio Power Systems – Solar power done right. We count on these guys to make the best use of our sunniest roofs.
Larsen & Landis – The engineers we rely on to assure the integrity of all of our unusual construction details.
Green Saw – Reclaimed lumber experts and makers of beautiful things.
Iannone Design – Absurdly lovely furniture with sustainability at its core.
Bench Dog – You might know them as the guys that made the 100k reclaimed table.

We would also like to thank Chris Clark for curating the art for this event. We will have another post soon to tell you about the artists.

Feel free to pass this event along to anyone you think might be interested, and we can’t wait to see you there.


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