Awesometown Promo Video #1


Awesometown, a name conceived in the glorious chaos of the early days of Postgreen Homes. Born of the levity that lives beneath stress and exhaustion, the name Awesometown was a placeholder at first, a goofy non de plume for a project whose official moniker formed too slowly. We had a website to launch, a party to throw, and this amazing development needed a name . . . at least for a night.

Of course, the name stuck, and how could it not. After all, this was our biggest, most ambitious project to date. It was an amazing example of a partnership between public and private entities, between New Kensington Community Development Corp (NKCDC) and Postgreen Homes. It featured an incredible new model, inspiring features, architectural magic and a community-driven mission. It was, in so many ways, awesome, and who doesn’t want to live in Awesometown.

Is the name a trifle silly? Yes, but so are we. We take what we do very seriously but ourselves . . . not so much. Awesometown is blunt hyperbole, aggressive absurdity. It elicits chuckles and head shakes. It is bold enough to feel innocent and childish enough to remind us that our work is, in the sometimes tragic theatre of life, only so important.

It is also memorable. In a landscape of safe project names and the flat sameness of focus group, committee-dubbed developments, Awesometown is a surprise. It is a spark of grinning foolishness in a buttoned-up business. And so are we, I hope.

Worse than the name, if you find such things offensive, are the videos we made. Low budget escapes from fisheye lenses and the dry-extolling of feature virtues. Shameless examples of our strange little minds. Working with The Nectar of the Gods, a production team specializing in the grossly goofy, we made three of these short commercials. This is the first.

If you want to know more about the real details behind this odd name and it’s odder marketing devices, you can find everything you need here. And, if you want to live in Awesometown, you can customize your new home right now. Just remember, while the homes are truly incredible places to live, the claims of our videos are as ridiculous as the name itself.

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