Cerno – Made in USA Lighting Options


So far our #madeinUSAlighting and #madeinPhillylighting campaign has showcased a variety of designers from Cedar and Moss with their woodsy-modern look to George Nelson with his light and airy bubble lamps. This next designer is another west coast, USA made favorite. They go by “Cerno” which is Latin meaning, to resolve, decide or distinguish. And true to the name there is a very deliberate, purposefulness (pretty sure that’s a word) to each fixture.

That deliberate aesthetic is no doubt a product of their working environment. These guys design and produce in house, which gives them an intuitive understanding of their material limitations and maintains an honesty in their work. When you buy a fixture from Cerno you know you’re getting a well thought out design crafted for usability.

But don’t finish reading this post with the misconception that this is a stern company classically rooted to a Latin name and deliberate work. The gang of 3 “do’ers” probably spend as much time goofing off as they do designing. With their So. Cal location and nearby beaches I’m sure there is no shortage of Cerno, “team building” surf days. We’re more than a little jealous but our game of “name that smell” provides all the entertainment Postgreen needs.

Now if you need any more convincing of the awesomeness of Cerno I recommend you check out this video. I think you’ll agree that their seriousness is at least partially a cover for their laid back attitude.


Without further ado please allow me to introduce the coolest combined ambient and task lighting fixture we’ve ever seen. Designed as a bedside reading lamp with the flexibility to create ambient light for the whole room. It gives you the opportunity to resolve to read more without the guilt that follows when you don’t follow through. It’s rare to find designers with that kind of foresight but these guys have a sensibility like no other.

They even remembered to make a left hand light and a right hand light in case you and your significant other both want to considering reading. I told you they were good. Head over to our websites customization page to see the Levo as well as our other Made in the USA and Made in Philly options.


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