Postgreen is much more than the people working in our office. It’s made up of a diverse and talented community of designers, makers, advocates and family members.

Local Architects

These are the talented folks that take our crude concepts to beautiful homes. They are all local to Philly and typically smaller and younger firms that love modern and sustainable design.


These are the guys and gals behind the scenes making sure our buildings don’t fall down, helping us get permits, designing stormwater infrastructure and facilitating our unorthodox ideas for subdividing a new project.


These are the General Contractors that have put their boots on day in and day out to build our projects and for that we thank them.

Philly Makers

This group helps us add a hand made feel to specific aspects of our homes. Be it a custom metal railing, a concrete countertop or a commissioned piece of furniture after the home is sold, this group has talent to spare.

Architectural Salvage

Sometimes we like to add a bit of extra character into a project. When we need something old, but sexy, we go to one of these reputable establishments. Not only do they have the best supply or reclaimed goods, but they can provide custom fabrication, delivery and install services.


Whether we’re looking for professional landscape design, a new street tree in front of your house or a new wall hung planter, these are the green thumbs we turn to.

Design Products

These local companies are both designing and fabrication products for our homes and maybe yours. It’s nice to buy local when you can and we do as often as we can.

Local Artists

Wallpaper, street art or screen printing on buildings. These are the local artists we turn to.