Duplexcellence II – Construction Fence Graffiti Art for Kensington South


An urban renewal is quickly hitting Kensington south and the Howard/Hope St. area between Kung Fu Necktie and El Bar seems to be the epicenter.  With 20 new homes going up at the other end of the block, one across the street, our 8 units  and 8 more lots recently cleared and soon to be underpinned, this block is due to become home to nearly 100+ new souls by the end of 2015. With our Duplexcellence II framed, cladded and rocked we’re more than keeping up with the pace of development here. Its an exciting thing to be a part of, although with so much construction in one area empty dirt lots still dominate the landscape.

But if you round the corner of Thompson St from Kung Fu Necktie the first thing you’ll notice is perhaps the brightest thing in Kenzo South; some awesome Graffiti work by Glossblack. We couldn’t stand the Russian winter-esque atmosphere that had washed the block due to all the construction and as the corner lot, we felt it was our responsibility to bring something bright back into the streetscape. Glossblack was gracious enough to help us out and give us the most eye popping construction fence we’ve ever seen. Not only that he did the whole fence in a day. A day! How is that even possible?












I guess the less time you spend with a can of spray paint on a narrow Kensington street the better off you are, even if you are a legitimate, hired artist. To thank Glossblack for his quick work in the dead of winter we made a short video showcasing his work. Check it out at the link below.

We found Glossblack as the result of a quick tweet and some well connected followers. After checking him out on Glossblack.org and instagram @glossblack we thought his legible style would be a cool treatment for our fence. The result was a collage of local street names each with its own aesthetic and layer of sprayed graphics. Naturally he nailed it when it comes to transforming the overall atmosphere of that corner. But then managed to exceed our expectations with the amount of detail and depth he was able to achieve in his lettering while maintaining that legibility.

From there we figured why not give him free reign with any surface area we had and so we set him loose on the adjacent stucco wall. Although this will be covered up by phase two of Duplexcellene II he still came through big with a pretty sick chrome “Philly”.

For now we can boast about the nicest construction fence on the block but our vision for this work has always been temporary street art for Kensington and permanent private art for the residents. Once construction quiets down we plan to move these fence panels to the backyard of our new homes as a permanent backdrop to their urban rear yards. We we’re conscious to paint with a recently treated fence which we expect to expand and contract a little as it dries and the weather warms. Likely a faded weathered, gritty look is in this pieces near future.

Hopefully we can get some pics of how it changes. For now we can thank Glossblack for his quick spraying to help us out.

For those interested in Duplexcellence II now is the time to move as these homes are about 30 days away from completion. Still plenty of customizable options to choose from. Plus if you sign on now you’ll be all moved in and ready to open a beer and relax on your roof deck as you watch your new neighbors unload their U-Haul in the oppressive summer heat! Ugh, sounds brutal.  You can check out our website for customization options and more info.


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