Folsom Powerhouse Ground Breaking Recap


Over a year of hard work by the Folsom Powerhouse team culminated in a unique ground breaking ceremony last week at 18th and Folsom St in the Francisville neighborhood. This new development event marks the first of many by a new partnership between Postgreen Homes and Equinox Management & Construction that we’re pretty psyched about. We both worked extensively with At Media Design to make this ceremony less boring than most and feel the result was pretty not bad.

Folsom Powerhouse Groundbreaking

We were fortunate to have quite the distinguished group speakers attend the event including Councilman Darrell Clarke, Penelope Giles from the Francisville NDC and Alex Dews from the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. All were instrumental in their own way to influencing the design of this project a year ago with our architects, Interface Studio Architects, at the driver’s seat.

Equinox brought a photographer and video guy to document the event. We’ve got the full version of the video above for those really interested in what went down and some pics of the event below.

[slickr-flickr tag=”folsom powerhouse”]

One of our favorite and grittier press contacts was in attendance from Curbed Philly and gave us a nice write up a few days later. We’re now solidly into the sales cycle of Phase I with 2 of 6 units reserved the night of the event and 2 more under negotiation less than a week later.

If you’re looking for more info on the Folsom Powerhouse project, check out and then head on over and customize a home or condo if you want to see what kind of splendor you could be living in within 6 months or so. If on the social medias, look for the hashtag #FolsomPowerhouse on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep tabs on the project as is progresses or post your own updates on it if you visit the site.

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