Folsom Powerhouse Phase 2 Hits the Market


Last summer we welcomed eleven new Postgreen Homes’ family members to the 1700 block of Folsom St in Francisville. There was a lot of interest in additional condos at Folsom Powerhouse from the market, but unfortunately we experienced some permitting delays that kept us from building the next two corner buildings as quickly as we had hoped. We had to hold back launching sales of those units for a few months.

Well, the time to launch has come. Our sales team at KW put the four condo units in the 1744 Folsom building on the market a little less than two weeks ago. There have been a lot of walk throughs and two were put under reservation quickly. One couple’s plans fell through last night and now we are back to three of the four being available as of today.

There are a couple of things about this building that we are particularly excited about here at Postgreen Homes. Let’s review.

1. Low Price Range

The units in this building are just the right size and share the construction efficiencies of being under one roof and on top of one shared foundation. This allows us to price these in our favorite sweet spot in the $200K’s to $300K’s. We built this company on a core philosophy of bringing higher quality, design, health and efficiency to a new market that typically doesn’t have these options. This building has our lowest priced unit to date at $185K (sorry that’s the one that is still reserved). We’ve done our homework and there just is no comparing the features you can get in this price range anywhere in Philly right now. Period.

2. Ridiculous Energy Efficiency

Our townhomes are typically just over twice as efficient as a normal new construction home. Not bad, but guess what happens when you use the same energy efficient designs on a mult-family building with less exposed wall area per unit and more connection to neighboring conditioned walls, floors and ceilings? The efficiency goes up even more. Now imagine what would happen if we had our friends at Solar States install an 8.8kWh PV array on the roof that would be shared by all of the owners in the building? Utility bills take another sharp turn down. We’re still waiting on the calcs from our Energy Star consultant, but are pretty sure they are going to be our lowest estimated utility bills in any homes we’ve built to date. Yippee.

3. Corner Building + Big Windows + Big Park Across the Street

Light, Air and Views. Big plusses in any home. Even better when you’re on a corner and located across the street from a huge park, pool and rec center that will never have anything tall built on it to block any of that precious light or air. Plus you don’t have to leave your living room to catch a local ball game. Just pull up a chair and grab a tasty chilled beverage from your fancy fridge with a separate glass door made for easy access to your favorite fridge contents (more on that soon).

4. Quality & Efficient Living on less than 4 Levels

We love a good 3-story townhome with finished basement. Don’t get us wrong. But there is something liberating and just so easy about living on one or two only. We’ve still found room for double height cutouts like we put in the big homes and don’t forget about the light, air and views mentioned above. In a town of stairs and narrow, shotgun floorplans, consider something different…

OK, enough of us yammering about why we love this building and these units so much. Let’s get into the details. Or at least the floorplans.

Unit B

At 1,427 Square Feet, this is the largest unit in the building. It is the one that just came back on the market. It’s also the only one on the ground floor with it’s own private entrance and it’s own small back patio. To round out the exclusive features, it is the only unit with access to storage in the basement and it is fully accessible on the first floor with an ADA compliant full bath on the first floor. You could literally live on the first level only and rent out the top floor if you were into that sort of thing.

Unit C

The only one bedroom. The smallest unit. Our lowest price home built to date. That’s this guy. He’s sold. Not shocking.

Unit D

Chad’s favorite unit. The top floor bi-level corner unit. Amazing light and views and one of our classic double height spaces that impress friends, family and those attractive folks you’ve recently met that fit in neither category, but you’re really hoping will soon.

Unit E

The neighbor to the D unit. Not a corner, but still quite nice with big windows and that double height space. What you’ll lose in windows from the corner you’ll gain in lower utility bills. Just slightly.

There you have it. The latest listings at Folsom. We’ll have more posts soon highlighting lots of new options available in these and all of our units soon. For now, check out the project and take one of the units for a test customization run. It’s fun and it’s free.

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