Friday Five – SOYP, Rail Park, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Tesla, and a Healthy Home


Welcome to the newest edition of the Friday Five! Here’s what we’ve been reading and thinking about this week:

1) Attend: State of Young Philly – Nov 11-19, 2016


Image: M. Edlow (visit philadelphia)

State of Young Philly (SOYP) kicks off next Friday, and it’s going to be awesome. SOYP is a week-long event series bringing together young professionals, elected officials, and organizational leaders to examine Philly in its current state and to engage, connect, and represent a generation equipped to change Philadelphia’s future. Here’s the full schedule of events – there’s enough for everybody!

2) Read/Visit/Support: The Rail Park Phase 1 Is Now Underway!


Image: Studio Bryan Hanes 

Philadelphia’s newest and quite large public space is tangibly much closer after a groundbreaking ceremony was held at 13th and Noble earlier this week. By 2018, Phase 1 should be completed. In total, the park would be a 3 mile stretch spanning Poplar to the Art Museum. Support the rail park, they still need about $800k and they’re banking on the support of the people that it will benefit.

3) Think/Shop: Eco-Friendly Packaging? It’s Better Than Non-Eco Friendly Packaging


Image: twenty20

Curious about the worst kind of packaging for the environment? (SPOILER ALERT: It’s Styrofoam) And, do you feel like your vote this year won’t matter? Vote with your dollar on products that have a less negative impact. Buy 100 percent recyclable snack bags, don’t buy water bottle (we like Nalgenes!), and opt for glass. Also, we recommend an office favorite: Cradle to Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things (buy it on Amazon right now for a penny, or, better, borrow it from your local library branch).

4) Read: Tesla. Solar Panels. Camouflage. Elon Musk. BOOM.


Image: Tesla

Elon once again did what he does best: Make something work better and look better. Glass, camouflaged solar panels. They’re strong (quartz) and sexy (they don’t look like your conventional solar panels). And they might just pave the way for more people interested in solar but not willing to give up the aesthetic. (I mean, if you’re going sustainable, you don’t want your neighbors to know about it, right??)

5) Read/Act: Do You Have A Healthy Home? Check These Off The List


Image: Live Better Electrically

We try to follow these ten things as often as possible when we design and build our homes. Read about how you can make your home healthy! HRV, no formaldehyde, foam-free furniture, indoor plants, induction cooktops, and more!

From the Postgreen family, we hope you have a relaxing weekend!

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