Friday Five – Design Philly, Mural Arts, Habitus, Philly Free Streets, & Crosswalks


Welcome to the newest edition of the Friday Five! Here’s what we’ve been reading and thinking about this week:

**Each week, from now until #DesignPhilly 2016 kicks off on October 6th, we’ll  tell you which event we’re looking forward to the most.**

1) Attend: Design Philly – A First Look at a Fresh Look


Image: Mural Arts // J2

In conjunction with Mural Arts Month (see below!), Mural Arts and J2 Design are teaming up to bring you, yes you, the opportunity of a lifetime. Join them on Thursday, October 13th from 6-9pm to make your mark on the city. Join them in open discussion and creative art-making and creative brainstorming.

2) Attend: Philly Free Streets!


Image: Yong Kim

If you weren’t in Philly during last year’s Papal visit, or if you haven’t heard what the city has agreed to do this year, then your weekend just got a bit more interactive. Philly Free Streets, an initiative that was started following the exciting day last year, advocated for more street closures. The city obliged and now 10 miles of streets (from Front St and South, all the way to West Fairmount Park) will be open to all foot and bike traffic (everything’s a bike lane!). This takes place tomorrow (Sat, Sept 24th), yes TOMORROW, from 8am-1pm. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather and the Free Streets.

3) Read: How Redesigning Crosswalks Could Make Cities Safer


Image: Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects

Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects (OPA) are trying to change the way San Francisco thinks about their crosswalks in hopes to change the notion that they are inherently dangerous and unsuitable to foot traffic. The stats are shattering and should catch anyone’s eye: three pedestrians are hit by cars each day, 70% of which occur in crosswalks. OPA is proposing a design change: Zebra-painted lines “designed to maximize impact and blur the edges between “pedestrian” and “vehicle” zones”. Philly has recently been promoting parklets. Why can’t we do both?

4) Attend: Mural Arts Month


“On the wall. In the street. Across the city. Join us for events that celebrate public art in Philadelphia.” If you haven’t caught on by now, all of us here at Postgreen enjoy the public art that makes Philly so unique. We may not realize all that goes into the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into city-wide festivals and events, but we sure do appreciate them and try to support them as much as possible. This October, join the Mural Arts team as they bring the Philly community a more in-depth look at how some of the murals in Philly come to be. Peruse the full schedule here.

Image: Mural Arts

5) Attend/Read: Habitus – Ann Hamilton // Pier 9


Image: Fabric Workshop & Museum

This interactive Fringe Arts installment courtesy of Ann Hamilton has been going for a few weeks now. Lucky for you, it’ll be going on a little while longer! ‘Habitus’ is on display at Municipal Pier 9 (121 North Columbus Blvd) Tuesday-Sunday, noon-6pm, with extended hours on Thursdays until 8pm. It will be available for free to the public until October 10th. Kid-friendly!

From the Postgreen family, we hope you have a relaxing weekend!

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