Friday Five – The Beacon, Parking = Bad, Tezuka Architects, Low-Cost City Hacks, & Columbus Parking Signs


Welcome to the newest edition of the Friday Five! Here’s what we’ve been reading and thinking about this week:

**Each week, from now until #DesignPhilly 2016 kicks off on October 6th, we’ll  tell you which event we’re looking forward to the most.**

The Beacon: Spotlight on The Rail Park


Image: 2016 MEDstudio@JEFF + Jenny Sabin Studio

We’re excited about this display for a handful of reasons:

  • It’s on display from the 6th-10th and again from the 13th-16th (aka – lots of viewing opportunities!)
  • It’s going to be an incredible display of light, design, and technology.
  • The structure has been designed by our good friend, Jenny Sabin, who, if the name rings a bell, is constructing our Arbor House facade!

A 90 Second Lesson How Parking Can Kill Cities


Image: Screen Capture: City of Ottawa

Ottawa is getting sick of unreasonable parking standards that require the construction for more parking in cities across Ontario. Spurned by more roads and parking, more people decide to drive and contribute to congestion in a city. The city put out a 90-second video showing the benefits of reducing parking.

Bonus: Watch this nine minute 1960’s film, “What On Earth”, for a look into what Mars thinks of us. 

Tezuka Architects on Their Formative Experiences

floating roof house

Image: Katsuhisa Kida

Takaharu and Yui Tezuka (Tezuka Architects) share with Arch Daily about their earliest architect aspirations, their schooling (U-Penn!), the most important things they learned, and more. While working for Richard Rogers, an internationally architectural firm based in London, they learned to design with “life” and “people” always on their mind.

15 Low-Cost City Hacks for Fun & Functionality


Image: Wojciech Ostrowski

Some of these are a bit more elaborate than the title suggests, but they are all worthy to flip through sometime this weekend when you have a free moment. They range from hacking tram tracks, multifunction skateboards, mini pothole gardens, and pop-up public spaces.

Columbus to Replace “Share the Road” Signs With a Clearer Message


Image: Richard Masoner via Flickr

To continue with our trend of keeping y’all updated in the world of bikes… Columbus, Ohio, thanks to a bike advocacy group, Yay Bikes!, will get rid of “Share the Road” signs and replace them with signs reading “Bikes May Use Full Lane” in an attempt to make streets safer for cyclists. A study showed that the “Share the Road” signs weren’t effective, giving city cyclists a bit more leverage to request bolder street signs.


From the Postgreen family, we hope you have a relaxing weekend!

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