Friday Five: March 25, 2011


Well, it’s only week three of this Friday Five experiment and I already forgot to post on Friday. Oh well, the delay shouldn’t effect the value of the links unless of course you have seen them all already. I’ll try to do better this coming week.

The Triumph of Coal Marketing
via Seth Godin

I am not pointing you at this to make some sort of statement about nuclear power. That discussion will probably need more space. Rather, I am interested in this post and it’s striking infograph because it says something about the state of rational discourse throughout our society. It says something interesting about our relationship with facts. I also really like this quote: “Vivid is not the same as true. It’s far easier to amplify sudden and horrible outcomes than it is to talk about the slow, grinding reality of day to day strife.”

Location Efficiency and Housing Type – Boiling it Down to BTUs

It isn’t surprising, but living near transit with an energy efficient home and car nets the biggest reduction of BTUs in this study. More interesting (but still somewhat unsurprising) is the fact that simply living near transit reduces BTUs by more than energy efficient home and car ownership combined. Now I want to see the efficient house near transit without a car contingent represented.

Being Change and Behavior Change

I have written and talked a lot about the need for change, and as a result, I have become more interested in the idea of change. What does it mean? What ways can change be caused or helped along? How are people led to change? This post offers some interesting ideas, particularly in regards to the last question.

New Study: Car Ownership Not Essential to Everyday Commute
via The City Fix

I think this study is representative of many more we will see as we once again address the way in which we get around and try to reconcile that with the environmental, socio-political and economic costs involved. I link to it particularly because of the very end which mentions connection to the community as a major benefit of eschewing the car.

Ingenius PV Glass Window Hits Chicago
via Jetson Green

We typically err on the side of practicality here at Postgreen, but we still enjoy the R&D that pushes the boundaries of the possible. These PV windows, being tested on the Sears Tower, offer some interesting potential and their cost isn’t even quite as high as one might think.

That’s it for this week. As always, feedback is best offered in the comments.

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