Green Building Bike Tour & Happy Hour


Last week we had the opportunity to bike around Philly and learn about the some of the city’s green buildings and their design. Hosted by the Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC) with bikes provided by Indego, the group started off at CityCoHo (where an Indego station is conveniently placed) on 24th and Walnut. Walnut Tower

First stop on the trip was to Cira Centre South’s Cira Green. Situated between the Cira Walnut Tower (the larger tower still under construction) and the Cira Chestnut Tower (the completed tower, home to Evo), Cira Green is a 1.25 acre public park with walkways, a green lawn, and water accumulation features that allow the well-manicured lawn to be regularly watered. The trees are tethered down to avoid getting uprooted in the 1 foot thick lawn. At nearly 100ft up, the tethers are a necessity.Tethered Trees on Cira Green

The group also stopped by the Barnes Foundation (the first LEED-Platinum certified museum in the USA), the Friends Center (LEED-Platinum certified with solar panels and a green roof), and Dilworth Park (the first public fountain in PA, 11,000 sq feet of fountains). The bike tour wrapped up with a Summer Celebration Happy Hour at the Rittenhouse Claridge Lounge 201.

See more pictures of the buildings and bike tour below.

Evo SkylineBarnes FoundationBarnes FoundationBarnes Foundation Reflection PoolCity HallCity Hall




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