Greenbuild After Dark and 100K House Tour


It’s that time of year for us green building geeks. The annual Greenbuild Extravaganza is upon us and this time it’s in our hometown of Philly. While we’re not joining the booth crowd on the Greenbuild floor, we are participating in a couple of events outside of the convention center.

We’re also informally taking meetings, invitations for coffee or other tasty beverages and food in our great city that is so often underrated. Hit us up on social media or through old fashioned email if you’d like to meet up. We plan to attend the tradeshow floor as well if that’s an easier place to meet. Looking forward to connecting and learning from those we rarely see next week, but that have inspired or influenced us in some way over the past 5 years.

100k House New - Three Projects

On to the events! The first event is the most important and most exclusive. You’ve just finished a long day of searching the floor for that new product that’s going to make the show worthwhile and your brain is filled with new ideas from the brilliant lectures you’ve attended. You hit up one of the many nearby happy hours after show hours and head back to your hotel for a change of clothes. You could rent a movie or just hang in the hotel lobby, but you Sir or Madame are a person of action and excitement. You seek out new places, people and adventure while others take the wide road to boredom within a one block radius of the convention center. You are not afraid to hop a cab or take public transit to the hippest neighborhood in Philly to meet and mingle with people really interested in changing the status quo of green building in this great country. You know who you are.

If this is you, consider reserving one of the only 41 spots remaining at our Greenbuild After Dark event being co-hosted by Interface Studio Architects, Postgreen Homes and Equinox MC. ISA has graciously offered up their office and hallway as the event space. Come hang with us and meet our latest partners from Equinox that are enabling us to take this little startup development company to the next level. They’re good people.

Find more details and reserve a spot at our Eventbrite page – The event will start at 8PM in the Kensington South neighborhood where ISA’s office is. This is the same hood where Postgreen Homes has made it’s new home and also close to some of the hipper and grittier late night spots in the city should you still have an appetite for adventure after the event. Hit us up for suggestions at the party. We’ll have drinks, snacks and an up an coming local DJ spinning live.

The second event we’re involved in is one of the tours of built LEED projects. The 100K House will be featured along side other innovative projects in Kensington and Northern Liberties. The tour is on Friday and is tour TF06: Rebirth of a Neighborhood: Going Green in Northern Liberties and Kensington. We honestly have no idea if there is any room left on this tour, but if very interested in getting into the project that started it all for us and the LEED for Homes Project of the Year in 2010, do check it out.

That’s it for Greenbuild. We hope to see you guys out there. Do drop us a line and do enjoy our great city no matter what you do.

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