Lighting Campaign – USA and PHL Made


You may have noticed over the past 12 moths that we’ve been working on bringing new custom options to all of our projects and talking a little bit less about the geeky green guts of our homes. This is partly because we’ve standardized a lot of  what works best to build the structures of our homes, but also due to getting a lot of constructive feedback from readers like you and new members to our Postgreen Homes family that are fitting out their homes in unique and creative ways. One interior gap we’ve been working on filling in is lighting fixtures in key locations throughout our homes.

Many hours have gone into researching, pricing and loading up the site with new lighting fixture options. To celebrate and kick off these selections, we are going to be showcasing the innovative USA and Philly designers and small companies behind all of the choices we are introducing over the next 2 weeks. We’ll be using the tags #MadeinUSAlighting and #MadeinPhillyLighting mainly on instagram and asking our friends and partners to participate as well with any of their favorite lighting fixtures that fit these tags. We’ll be featuring a blog post per company or designer starting tomorrow as well and backing up content on our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts as well so nobody is left out no matter your social media preference.

By the end of next week, you should be seeing dozens of new light fixture options live on our site for use in any future homes anyone customizes for purchase in our Philly projects. Here are the key locations we’ll be targeting with USA and PHL options for each area of the home:

Dining Room Table Light (#diningtablelights)

We’ve been putting a switch and a blank spot in the ceiling above where we imagine people will locate their dining room table for a few years now. Now you can can have a unique and locally made option installed for you the day of your move in. It’ll also be packed right into your mortgage. These are single light fixture options mostly designed to hang low over a table. Most cast light primarily downward but some are a bit more generous with their rays to the rest of the room.

Kitchen Island Pendants (#kitchenislandlights)

Islands are optional in many of our homes with another blank in the ceiling above where they would fit most naturally. Most of these options include two smaller pendant lights for dedicated worktop illumination that is pretty enough to impress your guests with the lights off. Want three lights? Just ask and add 50% to the cost.

Entrance Foyer Chandelier (#entrancelights)

Some of our homes have a double height entrance space or foyer for lack of a better term. This is another spot that begs for a hand picked modern chandelier that announces your amazing taste in design not only to those entering your home, but typically the public as well through a strategically placed transom window above front door. This is a great place to increase your lighting budget beyond an IKEA budget (we still love you IKEA) and choose something hand crafted in the US of A.

Bedroom Wall Sconces (#bedroomlights)

Our first half a dozen early adopters remarked that they never used their overhead lighting provided and instead opted for wall sconces or lamps in their bedrooms. We started switching outlets in these rooms years ago to facilitate this more intimate lighting arrangement. Now you can have beautiful wall sconces flanking your bed the day you move in. These options include two lights that plug into the switched outlets and mount to the wall.

Stay tuned for more over the coming two weeks. We hope to learn a lot from others in this campaign and continue the discussion around supporting local designers and innovators. Maybe you don’t live in Philly and maybe you’ll never buy one of our homes. We can only hope that campaigns like this might inspire your to seek out and support someone talented local to your own hometown or country. Buy Local.

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