Made in Awesometown Event Recap


We usually like to put something out the day after our events thanking our sponsors, the people who donated furniture and goods and everyone who attended. As it happens our events tend to run late, and involve at least enough drinking to make the next work day one of our less productive ones. Nevertheless we’d like to acknowledge all the help and support that went into making our Awesometown event a success.

Timberforge woodworks table

Things like this are always easier when more people get involved. We were lucky to get some great interest from a lot of talented woodworkers, interior designers, product designers and bar tenders.


Like Timber Forge Woodworks for example, here letting us use their table for some La Colombe rum and some Feast Your Eyes food stuffs.

Awesometown Party-17



Or Mio Culture, who stopped by and pasted up these jazzy sound dampening wall panels

Awesometown Party-41

Timber Forge again showing off their coffee table, which we positioned as a bench. Woodland Building Supply got in on the action as well as an event sponsor and official event lumber products information team.

Awesometown Party-38

But what’s an event without a few good drinks. We had Niall Murphy of Fergie’s Pub helping us out on this one. And in case you forgot… rum is awesome.

There are plenty of people that didn’t make it into the event photos on this blog who had a major impact as well. You’ll have to check our Instagram for photos and info there.

Mostly we have to thank all of the people who came out in the rain (we estimate 250 of you!) to check about a few new homes, hobnob with the real estate crowd or just get a peak at some of the local talent putting together quality homegoods. Couldn’t have done it without ya!

And with that I bid you adieu, until the next event. But before I go i’ll leave you with this gem; old and new members of the Postgreen squad working side by side to let us know where the food goes. Good work team!

Awesometown Party-12


Awesometown Philly Bedroom

Awesometown Philly green roof deck

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