Metal Cladding Complete at First Steel


The metal cladding that gives First Steel it’s name is complete! Well, almost complete. At least it looks done from the front. The crew from Olde Glory is working away at the back now. We took this opportunity to snap a few pics and update our photos online.

This next one below was taken from the same angle as the original rendering by ISA. We changed the door colors a bit, but it’s looking pretty close!



My attempt at some artsier photos below. The closeup showing the two metal accents contrasting against the door color and the galvanized pipe for the electric service is my favorite. The tripod has gone missing or these would be a bit better.




We’re really happy with the steel cladding. It is finishing really well and has a very solid and reassuringly durable feel to it. It also comes with the color baked on, so no need to worry about painting afterwards. I think you’ll be seeing more of this from us in the future…


  1. […] ISA updated the color pattern and decided to have each house have a different dominant color, with the other being an accent. We like the change and hope you do too. Check out some pics of the finished product in this post. […]

  2. Ian Watson says:

    I like this a lot more than I thought I would, and the more I look at it the more I like it. My only thought for the future is that the facade needs some sort of “cap”. The verticality of your buildings, and of the “grain” of the steel, draw your eyes up. With no cap there’s nothing to tell your eyes to stop going. It doesn’t need to be complex like the cornice on the building next door; a horizontal stripe of dark color would be enough to say,”the building stops here”.

  3. Chad Ludeman says:

    Great point Ian and thanks for the comment. There is a cap that has not been installed yet. It will go on at end when all cladding on the back is complete.

  4. Ian Watson says:

    Well isn’t that just the icing on the cake. Good stuff!

  5. Kerry Polite says:

    Really nice – like this material, it looks great on the side (and back) of Avant Garage too. I’ll have to stop by and take a look.

  6. This material looks really good. Can you share some more of the material benefits and the the supplier information?

    We are located in Chicago, so I imagine we have similar building limitations to those in Philly. I am glad I found your site. Inspiration and information are key.

  7. Al Thomson says:

    This is great. I really like this material.

  8. troy. says:

    are you guys willing to share the door color used here?

  9. Goran says:

    Corrugated Steel in Iceland… The red color steel is reminiscent of brick.

  10. Michael Go says:

    Hi Guys,

    What is the exact material used here as external facade cladding?

  11. Andrew MacBride says:

    I love how you’ve improved my old neighborhood. The two steel-clad houses look great, new and clean and substantial, while keeping a vaguely industrial look in this old industrial neighborhood.

    When I lived there, two factories were just across Howard Street on that corner, a silk-thread dying factory, and a factory that made steel construction scaffolding. Three doors up from your buildings, a small bakery still stood the empty lot in your pictures. Directly south of you, the old firehouse, is where I used to live.

    My brother and I bought the old firehouse at 1625 North Howard Street from the city in 1982 in a sealed bid auction for $20,510, $10 above the minimum allowable bid, (because a cashier’s check for 15% of the bidding price had to be submitted with the bid, and that was all we could scrape together on such short notice. The firehouse had been abandoned by the city for ten years by then, and it was a total wreck, with the roof half caved in, no windows, the basement flooded chest-deep and full of soggy floating trash, all the interior fixtures and salvageable metals ripped out, and ripped off, and no functioning utilities whatsoever. For the first few months we lived there, it felt like we were living in war-ravaged Berlin. Every morning we’d roll a big plastic barrel out to the fire hydrant across the street, and half fill it so we could roll it back inside to use for flushing the one toilet we’d installed, and to use the rest for cooking, washing, etc.. We had to live there from day one, to safeguard our tools and whatever materials we had onsite. It took us six years to get the renovations up to 90% completed, with all the modern amenities fully installed.

    Your pictures brought back memories. Thank you.

  12. Michael Go says:

    Hi CHad

    How was the corrugated sheets attached to the vented rain screen? DO you have horizontal studs that run across horizontally so you can rivet the sheets in a horizontal pattern? Thanks!

  13. Kevin says:

    Wow, this looks great! I’d like to know more about the corrugated metal. Especially the darker gray. Do you info on the supplier, the size of corrugation, and the name of the darker color? That’s exactly what we’re looking to put on our house.

  14. Brody Piper says:

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