New 100K House Pro Pic & Some Press


We’ve been wanting to re-shoot the original pro shots of the 100K House project with Sam Oberter for a while now that the area has filled out a bit with two of our other projects in the background – the 2.5 Beta and the Skinny (aka Tattoo House) Project. We finally got to it on a clear evening a few weeks ago and the result is below.

100k House New - Three Projects

While we didn’t get the ever sought after biker or female walking a dog, we think the shot came out pretty well. You can see the 2.5 Beta glowing in the background to the right with their Solar Thermal panles peaking out over the rooftop. The Skinny Project is a bit more hidden, but still visible in the lower left hand side of the photo. Below is the original shot we took for comparison sake with remnants of our construction fence in the background and no street trees, painted door, landscaping or 2.5 Beta in the background.

120K Final Exterior

What you can’t see in the photo is a lot of other new construction development from multiple other builders that have come in and really filled out this gap toothed neighborhood. It has a much more vibrant feel than it did when we broke ground on the 100K, but retains all of it’s gritty Philly character which we approve of. We’re actually taking this shot from the front deck of a recent, modern project by G8 Life across the street. Big thanks to the owners for being so cool with us invading their privacy for a few hours that night!

Tour of Past Projects with Lloyd Alter of Treehugger

A few weeks back Mr Lloyd Alter was in Philly for one of the many conferences he attends annually. Usually Lloyd is flying in and out on the same day for these events, but this time we were lucky enough to have him stay in town for almost two full days. He was kind enough to take the last few hours out of his schedule for a walking tour of all of our projects built to date. Lloyd is a very busy guy, so we were honored that he gave us this time and wrote a king post upon his return complete with his own photos of our projects on the tour. Check it out below.

Touring the Gutsy and Green Postgreen Homes in Philadelphia” by Lloyd Alter

Check out our Press Page for more articles by Lloyd and many others like him.

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