New and Revised Bathroom Options


In a quest to continually improve our homes, we are revamping many finish options in the next week or two for all of our projects, both in construction and in planning phases. The two most important rooms are the Kitchens and the Baths. Today we’ll look at the easier of the two – Bathrooms.

Revised Vanity Options

Godmorgon – We were ecstatic a few years ago when IKEA launched its Godmorgon Series of bathroom vanities, cabinets and mirrors. They had clean lines and highly functional drawers with sleek, matching sink top options. They were a fraction of the price of designer brands with the same look and, most importantly, readily available down the street instead of waiting 3 months while the fancy guys float here from Germany or Italy.

Over the years, IKEA has improved the construction of the vanities so they can solidly cantilever (one of our favorite words) off the wall with no pesky legs getting in the way. They have also honed their finish options to match some of the more popular kitchen finishes. Lastly, they release new sink options that also mimic the European options we have been eyeing at 2-3x the cost.

All of these improvements mean each Postgreen Home now comes with better Godmorgon options at less upgrade cost than before. That’s more for less. Let’s look at some pics.

2nd Baths and Larger Powder Room Vanity

For most of our 2nd baths, we will install a 32″ wide vanity with sink top. In homes with larger powder rooms or half baths we will fit in the smallest 24″ wide model. Both with two drawers and five (5) finish options:

  • Black/Brown
  • High Gloss White
  • High Gloss Gray
  • High Gloss Red
  • White Stained Oak.

The Black/Brown is the base option and typically the most popular choice. All others are a $50 upgrade which we think is pretty reasonable.

Master Bath Vanity Options

The Master Bath options are very similar except for one important note. We have now made two sinks and faucets the base option in all master baths. If you are looking at a home or condo with only one main bath, then this should apply to you as well. The vanity and sink will be about 40″ wide, with two drawers, so it’s compact but packing a punch in functionality.

This sink top is very similar to one of our favorite alternative options we were looking at in Duravit. The difference is that the lead time on the Godmorgon version is about 20 minutes from our office and the cost is about a third less. This allows us to provide two sinks and faucets as a base option to our buyers. Passing on the savings if you will…

Again the colors are the same as above.

Plumbing Fixture Options from Grohe

The plumbing fixture options have changed a bit, both on our end and on the manufacturer’s side. We have moved to an all Grohe line up as they have made some improvements in flexibility of their rough in components behind the wall. This allows us to delay the decision on trim finish until later in the build cycle and give more potential home owners a choice of fixture later in the game. Enough talk. Let’s show you the options:

Grohe Concetto – base option

The Concetto continues to be our base option. It’s pretty nice. We like it. The matching shower and tub filler components have recently gotten fancier which we really like. Nothing like matching plumbing fixture trim to really tie a bathroom together. No blue light special mis-matches here…

Grohe Concetto Swan Neck – Upgrade

The slightly more sophisticated faucet option from Grohe. We picked this one up from a custom house we built in No Libs for the designer of our Duplexcellence project. He also taught us how to properly wear a bow tie while sipping the best value in Rye Bourbon available in PA stores. If you think you can hang with him, this may be the faucet option for you. Side note. Grohe didn’t give this faucet it’s own name, so we’re calling it the Swan Neck. This post is proof for any impending copyright lawsuits.

Grohe Eurosmart – Upgrade

As Nic pointed out in the details of this option on the website, the name is terrible but the faucet is very nice. I guess some name is better than none though (see Swan Neck above for reference). Choose this and give it your own new name and then tell us about it and maybe we’ll start using it too.

Curtain Track or Glass Shower Wall

A couple homes ago we ditched the curtain rod. They annoy us and break up the tall ceilings in the bathroom with an unsightly horizontal line. It didn’t cause us to lose sleep, but nagged our naps. It’s gone in favor of a hospital style track mounted to the ceiling that a curtain hangs from. We like it.

For some time we have not offered any glass partitions in the showers or tubs. We were focused on overall affordability and it just wasn’t high on our priority list. Now we have better subs that promise to make this easier on us and we are believing them. You benefit in a new option for a solid glass “splash guard” partition. This means a stationary piece of glass at the end of the shower where all the water is and an opening on the other side for entry. It’s just the right amount of glass while still maintaining sleek lines and ease of cleaning in this critical location.

Future Bathroom Options?

As we said in the beginning, we strive to continually improve. That means even though this is an updated list, we are still working on more options in the background. These could include custom vanity options made by local craftsmen in Philly. It could include 3form options for shower walls rather than just plain glass. It could include custom bath accessories like towel and TP holders.

This is your chance for some input. What would you like us to include in our baths for that future Postgreen Home you’re saving for?


  1. Patrick says:

    I’ve always dreamed of a fully-enclosed shower stall with its own ventilation system. No fogged mirrors outside the stall, and super-steamy (or not) showers. Like a sauna up in there.

  2. honeybee33 says:

    Well, this is completely crazy and useless for other than emotion and ambiance, but I have always really, really loved a skylight in the shower. No, not just a skylight in the bathroom – a skylight in the *shower*. When it rains, it feels like Mother Nature Herself is bathing you. It elevates an otherwise “base” level bathroom up into the stratosphere! (Oh, and a towel warmer. But that’s something you could always have installed later when you fall into some money and run around the house upgrading everything.)

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