New Countertop Option – Stratum embeds bamboo between Richlite


We noticed a new solid surface material pop up a few months ago that marries two of our favorite materials – bamboo plywood from Plyboo and Richlite. The new product is called Stratum and features a beautiful edge the consistes of a thick layer of bamboo sandwiched between two thinner layers of Richlite. See the lovely image below.

For those of you not familiar with these two products that make us Stratum, allow me to explain.


Richlite is composed of FSC certified and/or recycled paper. It is crazy durable and has been used for years in skate parks, cutting boards, aerospace applications, marine applications and as a sanitary food prep surface for commercial kitchens. Simply put, it’s one of the best and most durable sustainable countertop surfaces on the market today. Richlite was the original recycled paper surface and more recently PaperStone and EcoTop have come onto the market with similar products that you may have heard of. From our research and experimentation, we feel that Richlite is the most durable and strongest surface of all the competing products. Combine this with it’s sustainable features and the fact that the same material is in skate parks all across the globe and you have one pretty cool countertop material that your friends will envy.

Plyboo bamboo plywood

Plyboo is one of the highest quality producers of bamboo flooring, plywood and veneers. Most of their products are FSC certified, which is rare for bamboo products, and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. We’re huge fans of their strand bamboo plywood products and used two different types in our office for our kitchenette countertop surface and our conference room table top. The stuff is hard as a rock and has an amazing edge detail that is popular with everyone.

We’re looking forward to installing our first countertop with this Stratum product or maybe an island as a nice accent to a different material on the main counters. This is the top level upgrade in our latest project, reNEWBOLD, and we feel it will really work well with some of the other custom design features ISA is currently working on for that project behind the scenes.  Let us know what you think of this new option in the comments below.


  1. Caleb Shay says:

    Aargh! All of these awesome upgrades coming out AFTER my home is completed!

  2. Chad Ludeman says:

    Continual improvement is a core philosophy here. You can sleep well at night knowing you have one of four homes that will probably ever offer a Big Ass Fan!

  3. Caleb Shay says:

    Yeah, it’s the same with everything. There will always be a newer/shinier option around the corner. All you can do is buy as far ahead of the curve as you can afford/justify to your spouse and enjoy it. I’m sure in 5 or so years, when I’m ready to remodel my fancy new kitchen, there will be an even cooler countertop made out of recycled petrified oil company executives or something.

  4. Chad Ludeman says:

    Oh, I would buy that!

  5. […] first noticed the material when the Chad Ludeman mentioned that he was chomping at the bit to put Stratum in play as an upgrade for a new project called […]

  6. […] first noticed the material when the Chad Ludeman mentioned that he was chomping at the bit to put Stratum in play as an upgrade for a new project called […]

  7. Bamboo plywood us very durable and I’m actually using it as my flooring.. I would love to buy that one!

  8. What an innovative worktop! Love the design. Richlite properties make it an incredible material to work with.

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