New Direction for K’House Facade?


Our pals over at DIGSAU just sent us some new concepts for the Howard St facade of the K’House cohousing project. Check out the new concepts below and then the original at the bottom for comparison.

The new concepts stemmed from two main things – 1) The neighborhood made a good point about getting more “eyes on the street” in our local presentation and 2) We need to figure out a way to build the structure cost effectively while still reducing thermal bridging as much as possible. The new direction accommodates both of those needs and will most likely decrease glazing a bit to improve point #2 above. Let us know your thoughts.


C:Documents and SettingsajezziMy DocumentsK-House - Suites - 3D View - Copy of Howard Street View.pdf

C:Documents and SettingsajezziMy DocumentsK-House - Suites - 3D View - 3D View 1.pdf


Howard Street Render

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  1. Aaron says:

    I think the new concept from DIGSAU is much better. I always find more interest when there is a 3 dimensional aspect to a facade. The play of light and shadow is more dramatic. The other interesting element here is the penetration of the facade plane with the projection. It leads your eye from outside to inside, following a form that feels as though it has been inserted into a frame. It will be important to have continuity of material from outside to inside so that the projection does not look tacked on.

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