New K’House Video Focusing on Shared Kitchen


Our friends and cohousing development partners at Indy Hall created a new video to showcase the communal shared kitchen that will be built into the upcoming K’House project. Unlike us, they have access to fancy video equipment and professional video editors so it came out a bit prettier than the average PGH video. Check it out below and click on over to the blog post on the K’House site also.

You may recall an old post Nic wrote on the 100kHouse blog titled “The Space Usage Experiment” where he logged the time they spent in each room in the house. It turned out that they spent very little time in the living room and almost half of their time in the dining room / kitchen. For this reason and our general love of gathering around food and drink preparation and consumption facilities, DIGSAU is designing us a pretty sweet kitchen and dining space that is integrated into one room and will accomodate a minimum of 20 people comfortably and up to 50 people uncomfortably.

We are really excited about working with this team to design and develop amazing common spaces to compliment the community that is formed by the residents of this cohousing project. We will have more posts and videos coming up that continue to highlight these shared common spaces as they develop.

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