New Landscaping Options from Studio Bryan Hanes


While the yards of our homes may seem small to those outside the city, they present a unique opportunity for creating an escape from the concrete jungle surrounding our daily lives. We made a commitment early on to work with a professional Landscape Architect to design our outdoor spaces while the other architects focused on the home itself. Enter Studio Bryan Hanes from right here in Philadelphia.

Brian and his crew created our original rear yard layout options way back when we first started this company and today we’re launching some new options he’s come up with for us. These are launching just in time for Folsom Powerhouse buyers to select from, having some of the more generous yards we’ve offered to date. Let’s get into the new options from these guys along with fresh new names that get straight to the point.

Base Layout

Base Layout

This is the base option that comes standard in every yard of ours. The dims are not always the same, but the basics are a pervious gravel surface with a long, raised planter along the entire width of the back yard. The design is inspired by LEED for Homes that encourages the use of permeable surfaces, no water hungry grass and plantings from your native land that are preferably drought tolerant. It’s not fancy, but it’s responsible and a heck of a lot better than a concrete pad surrounded in white vinyl fencing.

The Family Layout

Family Base Layout

There are two options in the Family layout. The basic shown above basically switches out grass turf for the gravel in the base option. This is great for those that have kids or pets that may prefer to play in release bodily fluids in plush green rather than throwing, eating or spitting rocks at you while you try to enjoy your morning coffee. We will not judge you for the extra water usage as we trust you’ll utilize your provided rain barrel to it’s fullest extent. We’ll even throw in a free Postgreen Homes Eco Lawn Mower, A.K.A. scissors.

Family Premium Layout

The Premium Family Layout ups the ante a bit with two raised beds framing a private gravel area perfect for an outdoor seating area. We’ll get to this in a future post, but you can even choose to have a lovely trellis built over this corner of the yard to provide extra growing area and shade. We’re working on the final design and pricing of this and other A la carte items for your new yard.

The Farmer Layout


The Farmer option is clearly for those that want to devote as much of their precious outdoor real estate for growing food. We can pack as many raised beds in as you like and surround them with a gravel bed to focus your watering requirements on your fresh and local fruits, vegetables and herbs. Just save a ghost pepper for us or promise to use it in some secret way at your first house party.

Farmer Base Layout

The Premium version of the Farmer layout adds a small deck and some concrete pavers to the mix.

Farmer Premium Layout

The Foodie Layout


The Foodie Layout is for those that want to grow some of their own produce, but also want to dedicate some yard land to cooking and entertaining once they’ve reaped their harvest. There are two versions below. The first is the basic option, while the second adds some deck space right out the back door. The grills and the picnic tables are part of the A la carte options we’re still working out.

Foodie Base Layout

Foodie Premium Layout

The Party Layout


Finally we get to the Party Layout option. This is a popular one as  it gives a little bit of everything. You get some deck space, with ample planting beds, a few decorative trees and plenty of space in the middle for entertaining. You don’t have to throw parties if you choose this option, but it is recommended.

Party Premium Layout

There you have it. Shiny new yard design options to match your gleaming new home. We’re still working on updating the customization options, so please bear with us on pricing for the next few days. Like some options from a few layouts? No problem. We can help quote a semi-custom design for you with our landscaper when the time comes. Hit us up with questions or comments on your favorite layout in the comments below.

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