New Master Bathroom: Shower Pans


The Two Point Five Beta is our first home to feature a master bath suite, and in it we provided a beautiful, airy, notably immodest shower area (the modesty level is adjustable), a custom vanity and a private “water closet”. The whole bathroom design looked something like this:

I don’t have a picture yet with the glass wall for the shower (it arrived late), but this is basically how it turned out:

Overall, we are pretty happy with the result. Hopefully, the professional photos we are having taken soon will do it justice. There are a few minor design changes we will make to the custom vanity and maybe the connection between the shower space and the rest of the master suite, but the only significant change, which we have already made for future versions of this model, is in the shower itself. Instead of pouring a sloped tile bed and tiling the shower, we plan to move to a pre-fabricated shower pan. This allows us to reduce labor costs and create a cleaner finish for the shower.

Currently, we offer two models of shower pan. The first is our base option which is included in the price of the house and the second is a significant upgrade at $500. The former is a fiberglass pan with a covered center drain. The latter is an acrylic pan and features a well designed rear drain.

Kohler Archer - Base

Kohler Groove - Upgrade

The Kohler Groove also lets you add a teak or aluminum drain cover, both of which look amazing.

We are still working on the final drawings for this revised bathroom, but we will share them as soon as they’re complete. Until then, we would love to hear your thoughts on the bathroom and our move to shower pans. Let us know in the comments.


  1. Chad Ludeman says:

    Unfortunately, due to LEED requirements, we can not offer the Teak drain cover option as it is not FSC-Certified. Dumb, but true. Sorry.

  2. J T. Ramsay says:

    When can you start on our master bathroom? ;)

  3. Nelson Labbé says:

    I thought that the curbless shower looked awesome. Were the floor joists lower under the shower area or was the non-shower floor raised to allow proper slope to the drain? I understand the budget driving the shift to shower pans, but I do like the curbless shower in the photo.
    For the upgrade shower pan would the drain be placed at the wall under the valve or at the short wall?
    Very nice.

  4. Ian Watson says:

    The one thing I like about the curbless over the shower plan is that it would seem to be easier to use for wheelchairs/old people. That being said, your homes aren’t exactly targeted at them anyways.

    While the teak is beautiful, I’m not too upset that the lack of FSC certification causes problems. Non-FSC teak has a real risk of coming from very destructive sources such as old growth forests in Indonesia.

    Overall the room looks sweet though.

  5. Nic Darling says:

    We fully agree on the teak. Putting it in was an oversight on my part. While we can’t manage to use FSC for everything on our budget, we certainly pay attention to it when the material might have a particularly destructive source.

  6. Mid America Mom says:

    That upgrade looks so cool. As a consumer I would prefer the pan.

    Mid America Mom

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