New Series – The Postgreen Homes Difference


When we first started this little real estate development company a few years back, we had only one project. You may remember it. It was called the 100K House project. It won the most bestest LEED for Homes Project of 2010 by the USGBC. It had it’s own very extensive and geeky blog. It was the only thing we were working on. The bottom line was that if you found out about our little firm and the one project we were working on, you were pretty much guaranteed to instantly get what we were trying to do and how these two homes were different from the rest of the pack.

Fast forward a few years and we have a number of projects in various stages of development, we have a new fancy time website, blogFacebook page, twitter account and all the other stuff that comes along with a more mature company. People that find out about us today could be coming from any number of sources. They aren’t necessarily fed the whole picture on what makes our homes different in a succinct manner like first followers did with the 100K House project.

The bottom line is that we need to do a better job of telling new people finding us of what makes our company and homes different than the average new construction projects. We even find our new homeowners learning new things we forgot to tell them about their house. It goes something like this:

Client: “Oh, I didn’t realize my house was awesome in that very specific and detailed way.”

PGH: “Why yes it surely is.”

Client: “That’s great!”

PGH: “It sure is!”

We are bringing you a new series of posts called “The Postgreen Homes Difference” to help remedy these issues. To start we have made a big long list on our About Page that gives bullet points on the key features that make our projects different. Many of them are green or sustainable features, but some of them address basic quality improvements we make or finish details that go above an beyond the traditional builder grade home. We could add a lot of philosophical differences to this list like smaller homes and less parking and such, but we’ll save that for a later time for now.

Follow along with us over the next few months as we dig deeper into each of these points in the detailed way some of you were used to on the original 100K site. Also, we’d like to give a special thanks to Uncle Frank for giving us the idea to do this at party about a year and a half ago. See, we didn’t forget that conversation.

Reference the Postgreen Homes About Page for the full list with links back to individual posts on each bullet point.

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