Panoramic Shots of Avant Garage and Small Bedrooms Revisited


You may recall Nic posting once again on his “small bedroom philosophy” back in January and using one of the bedrooms in the Avant Garage as an example. Well we have only one house left to sell in this project and we decided to stage one of the small bedrooms again.

This time we went with more of an office that would double as a sitting room and guest room. We built a desk into the closet nook upon entry with a scrap of bamboo plywood (Neopolitan aka “Tiger Strand” Plyboo) which left the rest of the room open for a futon, chair and extra space for a bookshelf or plants or what have you on the floor. This function is inspired by the smallest room in our own house that we are slowly renovating into the same use.

Ever since updating my iOS software last week I’ve been enjoying slower email speeds and really wanting to find a good use for the new panoramic camera mode. What better time that shooting a small bedroom interior. They’re not the greatest shots, but you can see the two halves of the room below.



The dark bluish/grey accent wall is the rear wall of the room with the window facing out the back into Palmer Park. The desk is hard to make out but it is directly in front of the door entering the room. It was about 5:30 when I shot this and the room felt so peaceful and inviting. Especially after a stressful day of work and screaming children. I wanted so much to stay for an hour and tackle a few chapters of “Death and Life of Great American Cities” we’d staged on the side table. Alas, I could not stay and returned home to reality.

Before I left, I grabbed a quick shot of the kitchen/dining area and living room. The larger open room with split levels translates a bit better in the panoramic mode.


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