Passive Project: Final Exterior Pictures


The Passive Project has been finished for a little while now, but we took our time getting really nice exterior pictures from Sam Oberter, our go-to guy for awesome photos. I particularly like the way he used the owners of the homes in the evening exterior shots. They are a little artistically blurred out, but it’s definitely them.

Check out the pics and let us know what you think.





Questions and compliments are welcome in the comments. We’ll take criticism as well, but it better be constructive.


  1. A House and Home says:

    It’s definitely a new look for the neighborhood! I like the green and the blue accent colors you chose for the exterior. I assume there aren’t a lot of windows to make it more energy efficient? I feel like that it must not have a lot of natural light inside?

  2. mike eliason says:

    wow, those first 2 photos remind me a little of san diego. it’s gotta be the light… cos i can’t think of any ‘hood there as awesomely dense as this.

    it looks great, guys. a couple thoughts/questions:
    1. is that edge trim steel or fiber cement board, and if it is latter – how do you think it will hold up to abuse?
    2. the facade looks a little too rigid, i think it would look a little better w/ some play on the windows, and the symmetry might look better if the building was on-axis with the street:
    3. did you guys achieve PH, and if not – how close were these? would you ‘rinse and repeat’?
    4. at first, i thought the color wouldn’t look too good. i like how the green wraps the corner, and maybe if the blue house had the accents on the wider (right) side, it would look a little better. did you guys play with this at all?
    5. i realize it’s a photog thing, but there are these funky white lines on the bottom right corner of all the photos that really detract from the purity of the images :)

  3. Nic Darling says:

    These homes actually have quite a bit of natural light due to the open floor plan. The day-lighting is certainly much better than any other Philly row home I’ve been in. I will say that we are a little disappointed in the visual transmittance of the Serious windows we used but we are still pleased with the overall effect.

  4. Michael Go says:

    Hi Nic

    May i know what is the exterior facade of the Passive Project made of? Are they composite panels of some sort? Thanks

  5. Chad Ludeman says:

    Hi Michael – The panels are made of fiber cement from Certainteed. They come with a 50 year warranty. We purchased the primed panels and painted them custom colors with a high grade exterior paint from Sherwin Williams that was recommended for this material.

  6. Michael Go says:

    Hi Chad! Thanks for your reply! Im from the Philippines by the way and looking to bring affordable green homes for the people here! More power to you!

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