Philly’s Bike Scene Wants You!


In Philadelphia we’re used to not being number one. Even when they’re doing well, our sports teams seem have a passion for second place and New York’s sheer size gives it the top spot as far as exciting east coast cities go.   So needless to say, when we saw that Philadelphia was #4 on walkscore’s bikescore list of the most bikeable cities in the U.S. we were pretty excited.

Even more impressive is that the of the four most bikeable cities, Portland, Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia, Portland and Philadelphia made it without having a bike share program. Luckly, both have a plan in the works. Here in Philly B-Cycle has signed on to make bike sharing happen. They are known for quality bikes with all the fixings (Lights, a basket and a bell). Although they typically do credit card only rentals they will be offing credit card or cash payment here in Philly to aid lower income neighborhoods. Phew! I thought for a second it was going to be all credit cards or Septa tokens. Are we still using those? Anyway, head over to Bike Share Philadelphia where you can get involved and even suggest a bike share location. Philadelphia wants you! to participate in making this city more bikeable.

Now if  just suggesting a location doesn’t fulfill your appetite for civic duty you can go one step further and download the “CylcePhilly” app which will track your journey across the city and help build a database of commonly traveled routes. Cycle Philly is working in partnership with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission to turn this crowd sourced data into a guide for future bike lanes and biking infrastructure.

You can read more about this mapping project in Grid Magazine. Or show up to their “Grid live” event tomorrow at Impact Hub. The event is about the release of a new local food guide but what the hell, the food will be better at an event like this anyway. (I hear its’ being sponsored by the regional sourcing wiz, Rolling Barrel!)

In short, we love the steps Philadelphia is taking to move up from that #4 spot. The crowd sourcing idea seems especially forward thinking. Where else can you get such a mass amount of useful data? Plus if you really wanted some great biking infrastructure along your personal morning commute or to your favorite bar you can use this app specifically for those rides and skew the data in your favor. Or who knows maybe the majority of the people to download it will be young-ish hipsters who, in a few years will have influenced all of Philadelphia’s bike lanes to coalesce around El Bar or that super cool underground venue that you probably haven’t heard of. Let’s try to avoid that.

As biking in Philadelphia continues to expand you can expect we’ll be there to support the trend. We’re thinking along the lines of locally fabricated bike lock stations out front of our homes, or maybe a storage locker somewhere in the back for private use. And how about these cool bike repair stations from Bike Fixation? We think these would be great to implement in a project along a major bike route or outside of a larger scale apartment/condo building.


Well, any other ways to bring us up from number 4?


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