Pop! Project – Now for Sale!


2037 and 2039 Blair St.

Just off Frankford ave in Fishtown: Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, and Roofdeck. Also Cork. Lots of Cork.


Construction is complete on our long awaited Pop! Project and we’re pleased to announce its release on the market! These two have been getting a lot of interest as the first homes in the United States to be clad in cork. If you’re interested, Treehugger wrote a nice article about the benefits of cork as a building material.

But for those who would just like a quick refresher look no further. Cork is way more durable than you would think. It has a natural waterproofing agent called suberin which keeps it from absorbing water, also keeping it mold free. The suberin when heated also acts as a binding agent meaning that toxic glues are never used in its production. Over time the cork will fade, but as the seasons change so will the color. It gets browner in the winter and more orange by the end of summer. That’s all good news but what attracted us to cork is its value as an insulation material. We use an exterior insulation on all of our homes which will then get covered up with usually steel or fibre cement cladding. On Pop we were able to maintain the same R-value with 3” of cork and forgo covering it up with cladding. Cork has been used as a cladding material before on many homes in Portugal, where most cork is grown, but Pop is the first in the U.S.

Designed by Netherlander Jefta Van Bellen of Orange Concept, the unique design does not stop at the façade. Head inside and take a look at the accent wall of your living room. Covered in a layered cork tile this wall highlights the 12’ ceilings and really puts us on the map as far as cork purchasers go.

Another first for this project is our custom designed and fabricated, Postgreen Homes cabinet fronts. Tired of the old Ikea fronts we decided to test out the process of fabricating our own simple, modern cabinet fronts. ¾” Apple Ply in Oak or Walnut painstakingly hand finished provides another unique element to what is already not your typical row house.

A quick verbal tour- The second floor has a bathroom and two loft style bedrooms with options to be closed off. Going up one more leaves you in the master suite looking out on to your roof deck facing Frankford Ave with a distant but unhindered view of center city. This is a great spot to… I’m sorry I can’t resist… “pop” the cork  on your favorite bottle of wine and soak in some rays.

All bad Pop puns aside these homes truly reflect the design stance of Postgreen, with innovative cladding materials, modern design, all of our usual sustainable features like thick insulated walls, efficient appliances durable and low VOC materials. Adding one more, this project represents a commitment to local design and fabrication. Starting with our architect, Jefta of Orange Concept who lives in Fishtown, to the to the USA made products like our new light fixture options from Cedar and Moss and The Good Flock there is no shortage of local craft in this home. Our new custom cabinet fronts top it off with some made in Philly talent. If the cork wasn’t from Portugal we might be talking about Pop as an American made home.

So come on by and let us know what you think of these homes.


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