Postgreen Homes Difference – Energy Efficiency


You’ve probably never heard anyone complain that their home costs too little to heat and cool. And that’s a testament to the sensible type of person you prefer to surround yourself with. That’s also the type of person we’re building for. Partly because we don’t like sending money over the utility companies, but also because we enjoy finding new ways to cut down the cost of living.

It’s a fun challenge, but also one that demands we go deeper than just energy star appliances. We have those of course but the real efficiencies are built into your home; in the level of insulation, the attention to air sealing and the performance of the windows. All of these will stay in place saving you money, as long as you do. We focus on these difficult-to-change areas of the home first and then come back in later and add the energy efficient finishes you’d expect. That’s the gist, more below.

Energy Efficency TXT

Energy Efficiency IMG

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