Postgreen Homes Difference – Healthy Interiors


For years we’ve had a blog category titled ” The Postgreen Homes Difference”, that we back burnered and decided was well enough embedded in everything else we wrote to not ever be a priority. While that may be true it never hurts to do a little updating.

So we took a stab at some new graphics and text to explain the Postgreen Homes difference to the visual and non-visual alike. The concept is a text slide and graphic slide explaining each one of the things we do a little differently.

Over the next couple weeks we plan to hit the blogging hard to get these images up. And in an effort to maximize the utility of our efforts, once these are all blogged we’ll link to them from our about page giving visitors the option for just a quick overview or some more in depth explanation which will be covered here.

So take a look. This first one is about healthy interiors – a top priority.

HealthyInt_TxtA healthy indoor environment is largely a function of indoor air quality, but we consider comfort to be another facet of health. Thermal comfort is one of the most important for the builder to manage as once it’s built this is not any easy to improve.

HealthyInt_PicIt all begins with good air sealing and a super insulated envelope. But right sized heating systems designed by an energy professional are the next step in creating your ideal thermal comfort. The HRV, which is our continuously running ventilation system, has  a large role to play here as it brings in fresh, air adding air pressure in one area, and exhausts stale air creating a negative pressure somewhere else. These pressures help move air through the house and draw the heat to exactly where you need it.

It’s the “keep tight and ventilate right” strategy and while it’s more of a building challenge than the previous “you need gaps in your envelope for fresh air” we much prefer the result: maximum comfort and fresh air for minimum cost.



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