Postgreen Homes Difference – Location


There is a lot of construction going on in the city and I certainly don’t want to make it sound like we think were the only ones building here. But this city is exclusively where we’ve decided to put our efforts. It’s just more fun to add an element to a community and make a difference in the urban fabric.

It doesn’t hurt that building here fits in well with our sustainability goals; the economic opportunities here are more numerous, not to mention this land is anything but virgin. (That’s as far as the editors would let me take that one). But, chances are if you live here you might be able to reduce your commute to work, or maybe do a way with the car all together.

Like I said other people build here. But we do too, and we tend to keep it close to commercial corridors, closer to public transit and closer to the good food spots. It gets us a lot of LEED points and keeps you connected to this cool city.








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