Postgreen Homes – Now Offering Custom Cabinet Fronts!


It’s a little dull doing a blog post about phone calls to material suppliers or e-mail chains about grain pattern but if you stick it out long enough, (and maybe try just one more grain pattern), these behind the scenes efforts can turn into something you could call “media worthy”, or at least, “social-media worthy”. That’s exactly the stage we’re at with our Custom Cabinet Fronts.  The supply chains have been set, delivery schedules matrixed, costs analyzed, cut files created, cut files modified, re-modified, fabricated, sanded and finally… installed. But don’t worry, we can breeze through those early steps and get right to the pictures of our new custom cabinet fronts.

These images are from our Pop Project in Fishtown which has just hit the market. We’ve been bragging about its status as the first cork clad home in the US but we’re also excited about it housing the first Postgreen Homes cabinets in the country! Such an honor… But seriously a lot of work went into creating these cabinet fronts, which provide a welcome alternative to the “just Ikea” options we used to offer.

We’ve been using Ikea base cabinets for years. The hardware is great, the cabinets themselves are good quality and they are easy to put together. But once you buy the cabinet you also need the door, which is more costly and creates a number of supply challenges as Ikea is prone to shipping mistakes. So we figured we’d keep the cabinets, hack the doors and maybe save ourselves a few Ikea trips in the process. With some careful measuring and the help of the guys at Erector Sets there to offer CNC advice we’ve been able to produce our own high quality cabinet fronts.

First we take a ¾” thick slice of Apple Ply, in Walnut, Oak or Maple. We then carefully lay out our cut file to sequence match the cabinet fronts so that the grain pattern from one door continues over to the next. In an effort to minimize our waste we run the base cabinet grain horizontally and the top cabinet grain vertically. This helps us get more cabinet fronts on a sheet of ply while still giving us that uniform grain pattern.

From there we hand sand it (with an orbital sander) and then hand finish with a low VOC polyx-oil from Osmo. The polyx oil helps bring out the grain pattern but keep a natural look. We’re also offering a similar product with laminate veneers on the front and back. So far just a range of grays but more options are possible in the future. We decided to keep the end grain around the edges exposed. They have a nice striated look and we see some potential to do more design work with that pattern in the future.

Although the material is not sourced locally all of the CNC-ing is done locally at Erector Sets in Port Richmond and then finished in house at PGH Headquarters. Local products at a great quality is something we’ve been trying to implement more of for a while.

Pop has been a lot of firsts for us and continues break convention. We love projects that allow us to open new doors and these two homes were a great chance to iron out the steps in a line of custom cabinet fronts. I’m sure we’ll have more on these cabinet fronts in the near future. If you want to take a look in person, showings of the cabinets, along with the rest of Pop are now available.


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