Press Page Updated


I recently realized our Press page on is woefully outdated. I spent the last two days doing my best to update it and now I am posting about it so you can all know how hard I worked on it and to make me feel better for ignoring everything else for a day.

Postgreen Homes Press

I went ahead and added a “Selected Press & Awards” section at the very top to highlight some of the stuff we’re most proud of surprised people have honored us with. Next we move on to Awards. Did you we won some AIA awards with our architects, ISA? Philadelphia Weekly even named us the “Best Rockstar Architecture Firm” which is pretty cool even though we’re not architects.

Next is our TV section which I added some nicely produced Web videos to also. The people that have created web videos have done amazing work with the crappy material we gave them and they deserve to be recognized. If you haven’t seen the videos, check them out and then dive into their other work, because it’s pretty amazing stuff.

Then we get onto the normal stuff. Much updating. Many apologies to those that have worked hard on pieces with us and that have been missing for a while. If you know you’ve written something on us and don’t see it here, please bring it to my attention and I will add it pronto.

We thank everyone who has taken the time out of their day or week to talk about what we are trying to do in Philly. We are honored and we are not worthy. Thank you.

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