Project Update: Folsom Powerhouse


The corner of 18th and Folsom had long been home to construction vehicles and storage sheds as Phase I of our Folsom Powerhouse project set 11 units in the ground. Now that those homes are home to actual people the construction vehicles have moved up the road to Phase II and we anticipate improved street life is on the way.









Helping spur that along we’ve had custom railings designed and fabricated by Jenny Sabin to enclose the upper stairway of our super-stoop. We’ve been calling it the polyvine railing. With a pretty savvy understanding of some digital fabrication techniques she was able to create an organic pattern of vines which could be CNC’d into steel sheets. It was a cool technique, something we still haven’t quite wrapped our heads around. If you’re looking for detailed info on the process of making something like this I’d recommend talking to Jenny or someone from her studio. She’s the expert there.

The design of the streetscape was something we deliberated over through the project, and it seems like we didn’t finalize something until the project was well underway. I think this worked to our advantage as we were able to use Jenny again and get her to modify her polyvine so it would hold up as the steel sheet was bent into a bench. These benches now line 18th st and add another surface to hang out on. As if that super-stoop wasn’t enough.

Thanks to Jenny and the end of Phase I we’re expecting a cool urban atmosphere along this stretch of 18th street.

With the details wrapped up on phase I were on to Phase II.  This phase adds 5 units along 18th street, one of which is a commercial corner building.  The rooftop solar panels will add the “powerhouse” portion of the project namesake as well.

These units are a bit different than those in Phase I. The overall size and shape of that corner lot gives us a more square footprint to work with. Something I’m sure our Architect, ISA was excited to design as we’ve pushed them to come up with more than enough row home designs, AKA “the Philly Special”. Hopefully we have the opportunity to get more units out that break the mold in the near future.

So far Phase II has seen foundations poured and framing begun. As the corner building takes shape the block takes on a more complete urban feel, something we hope to restore to this block.

We anticipate sales to be strong in phase II as every home of Phase I presold before a stick was in the ground. Another update will be coming as soon as we get Phase II up and running on our website and open it for sales.


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    No more zip system on your houses?

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