Nine New Condos Wrapped in Vines

Where The Roots Stand Strong

At Arbor House you’ll be living in the only residential building in Philly with a cladding designed and executed by the talented Jenny Sabin. We liked her work at Folsom Powerhouse (railings and benches) so much that we asked her to design an entire building. Luckily, she agreed!

Arbor House features nine units. All have two bedrooms and open living spaces. There are lower level units with backyards and upper level units with spacious roof decks. No two units are the same, so choosing might be a little bit difficult. Rest assured that no matter your choice, you won’t be disappointed.




2324 & 2328 Memphis St

Base Price

Upper $200K's

Beds / Baths

2 / 1-2




Energy Star


9 Units

Project Features

super insulation
private outdoor spaces
engineered lumber
triple pane intus windows
100 Monthly Utilities
250 Custom Options
1,138 Avg sq ft

These nine units are all unique. Each one has a different layout perfectly designed for varying tastes and lifestyles. Paired with a roof deck or backyard, our 250 customizable options, and an incredible exterior, you’ll have more than enough to brag about during the Holidays.

Jenny Sabin Studio

Jenny Sabin of Jenny Sabin Studio is an unbelievably talented artist and one we are truly lucky to work with. Sabin has worked with Nike, the National Science Foundation and the American Philosophical Society Museum, to name a few. She has been named a USA Knight Fellow and has been awarded a Pew Fellowship in the Arts and an Architectural League Prize for Young Architects. Her work has been displayed and published countless times nationally and internationally. Suffice it to say, we’re happy she’s decided to work with us again.


Postgreen Homes

Cladding Artist

Sabin Design Studio

General Contractor

Hybrid Construction
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