The most metal home to date

The most metal home to date

First Steel is the name our first metal clad project and, coincidentally, the subtitle of my first Robot Rambo screenplay. This project also marks the first time we have built a true three story home which means those of you wishing for more beds and baths need wish no more. We can see these houses as great single family homes or as rental investment properties. Either way, the direction of the neighborhood and the benefits of our superior contruction will serve you well.

The two homes in this project differ in width and, as a result, in floor plan. The narrower of the two offers a fairly straightforward 4 bed/2 bath row home while the wider is able to experiment with flex spaces and double hieght areas. Both homes have huge backyards and the open inviting first floor one expects from our houses. They will also be at least 50% more efficient that than average code built home which will leave some money in your wallet every month.


Kensington South


1703-05 N Howard St

Beds / Baths

4 / 2





Project Features

Foam Free
double stud walls
triple pane windows
compact design
100 Monthly Utilities
200 Custom Options
1,380 Avg sq ft

All the tricks & lessons learned from 100K to now in these homes.

South Kensington

Our first project in the neighborhood that is now our home for the long haul.

Huge Yards

The homes take up less footprint which equals huge yards.


Postgreen Homes


Interface Studio Architects (ISA)


Hybrid Construction
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