reNEWBOLD – 3 Story Home Floorplans


reNewBold 3 Story RenderingOk, we covered the 2 Story floorplans for reNEWBOLD last week. Now we take a look at the 3 Story homes. There are a total of ten (10) 3 story new construction townhomes in the project. Three of them will be for sale immediately at next Tuesday’s launch event at the SPTR. The rest will most likely be in phase 2 of construction. Each 3 story home includes 3 bedrooms and a den or flex space with 2 full baths. Let’s look at each floor in detail below.


The basements in the 3 story homes are identical to the 2 story homes. Mechanicals and storage space down here. We put in sump pits and pumps to keep them dry as well should you elect to have your basement finished. If you choose to have it finished, we will divide the basement into two rooms – one with mechanicals and storage shelving and the other fully finished for an office or lounge type of room.
reNewBold - Basement of 3 Story Homes

First Floor

The first floor is also identical to the 2 story homes. It features an L-shaped kitchen that allows space for an island or dining table in the middle. The living room is nice size and will include built in locations for your entertainment gear to keep it open and uncluttered. We have a design meeting setup with ISA next week to further fine tune the exact configuration of all kitchen cabinets, so stay tuned for more details soon on this floor.
reNewBold - 1st Floor of 3 Story Homes

Second Floor

OK, the second floor is still the same. Keeping it consistent means better values for the buyers. With an extra floor above that will most likely serve as the master suite, this floor lends itself well to be left wide open with no separation. If you desire more privacy, we still have the option to close off one of the bedrooms with a wall and door while the other one remains open to the floor and the stairway to the 3rd floor. The laundry is also on this floor, opening to the hallway.
reNewBold - 2nd Story of 3 Story Homes

Third Floor

Finally we’ve made it to the 3rd floor which is all new. ISA has designed a master suite up here that feels like a high end hotel room. The shower and sink area is separated from the comode and left partially open to the floor. There is enough room for a large bed and side tables in the main room and you can fit up to four (4) of the 40″ wide wardrobe units from IKEA. That’s a lot of clothes storage! The other side of the master suite features a small flex area that could be used as a study/office, a nursery or extra clothing/shoe storage. The back of this room opens to a small patio that leads to the roof deck via a spiral staircase. All in all we’re pretty stoked about the functionality and design ISA has crammed into this floor.
reNewBold - 3rd Floor of 3 Story Homes

Roof Deck

Finally we make it to the roof where we have an 8′ x 18′ terrace surrounded by a green roof. You will have your choice in roof pavers up here including a variety of wooden colors. One of the main reasons we have a spiral stair leading to this rooftop on the 3 story units is so that there is not an odd penthouse stair condition that ends up blocking everyone’s view of the city. Once we saw how amazing the views of Center City were from this site, we knew we needed to do something different than the norm to maintain everyone’s views on the roofs.
reNewBold - Roof of 3 Story Homes
That’s all we have for the 3 story units at this time. While the 2 story homes make great starter homes for singles or couples without kids, the 3 story units work great for families or those needing some extra room for guests or work from home scenarios. We hope you like them and as always, please leave any comments below.


  1. John says:

    Great design guys. I really like the unique spiral staircase idea to access the roof. What type of material will the stairs be made out of?

    Also, Is there an option to add a door at the top of the 3rd floor staircase in case you wanted some privacy from below?

  2. Chad Ludeman says:

    Hi John. Thanks for the comment. The spiral stairs will be steel. A door is certainly a possibility and a good idea. We typically deal with these requests as they come up, but most buyers prefer the homes to be as open as possible.

  3. I like the Green Roof and the floor plan design looks appears to be open and utilizes a good use of space. I’d like to learn more about the Materials used in the Projects. Specifically the Green and Sustainable Material Choices used in the Construction.

  4. These are very interesting plans. The best part of the 3 story design is the use of a roof deck. My question is: are you roughing out plumbing so that a sink/wet bar could be included in the project? This area seems like it may be used for socail gatherings as well as relaxing. Great idea.

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  6. Chad Ludeman says:

    RCT – Are you asking if we are roughing a sink to the roof? We don’t have that in the current plans but had discussed it. I think it’s more likely we would rough that into the basement if someone wanted to choose the option to finish their basement.

  7. […] lots D – I are available for customization. This consists of three of each the 3 story/3 bedroom units and 2 story/2 bedroom units. The 2 bedroom units start at $249K and the 3 bedroom units are $325K. […]

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