Rich Brilliant Willing – Made in USA Lighting Options


We’re reaching the end of our #madeintheusalighting designers but before we close out we have one more east coast gang of 3 to show you. Rich Brilliant Willing, a clever combination of last names who may very well be all three of those things… who knows. They certainly have a formidable portfolio and some recent accolades backing them.

But what we really love about these guys is their stage set look and the full bodied light source you get with most of their fixtures. It makes for a very iconic look. We also love that they produce everything from their shop in Brooklyn. That means these fixtures only have to travel a short length of 95 before they end up in your home.

The Monocle Sconce

Looking for class? The Monocle Sconce has it. With a name like “The Monocle Sconce” how could it not. What’s even better is that that monocle gives this fixture that full bodied light emitting capability which we love so much.

As always take a look at our customization page to see where these fit in your home. And head over the RBW website to take a look at some of their other light fixtures.

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