Shou Sugi Ban – A New Old Siding


There’s a new cladding in town. Premiering over at the SnapBack project is Shou Sugi Ban; the traditional craft of charring ceder to protect your home from the elements. Not just rain but, insects, rot, fire, the works. Never again will you have to fear the joint attack of thunderstorms, plagues of locusts, or even the mighty Ifrit. No mythical hellbeasts will keep you from living in the flyest house on the block. Each piece of ceder was lovingly burned by our boys at the warehouse. This wood is all natural and all stylish. We even have documentation. Check out the video below. And maybe buy a house, ye know, if you feel like it. Rad.


  1. Matt says:

    Great technique! Another way to do this, and which probably uses less fuel, is to build a chimney out of three boards at a time, as shown in this video:!

  2. Chad Ludeman says:

    Good point Matt. We actually tried this. The beginnings of the setup are what start this video off. Ultimately it failed due to our boards being a bit too thin at the tapered end I think. It just burned at a much faster rate and ate up the cladding too quickly. That is why you see us dousing it with water on the brush so quickly after burning in the video.

    We we very pleased with the results and would like to do this again in the future. Maybe even on an interior accent wall?

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