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We wanted to thank all that came out to our mid construction open house at the Snapback Project last Friday. It was a pretty low key event for us, but gave a chance for some to see the potential of this new model before we bring in the next batch of subs and make a mess of it again.

For those that couldn’t make it, we snapped some fairly poor quality images of all rooms and the exterior and updated our Snapback Project Gallery on Flickr. We are trying out a new Flickr plugin that shows these in a lovely slideshow below.

Snapback Project – Web Gallery

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MLS Listings

In addition to snapping some new pics and holding an event, Courtney went ahead and posted these two homes onto the MLS. That means they will be popping up for all Realtors to see, so if you’re working with a Realtor to buy a home, it’s that much easier to purchase a Snapback House. Check out links to the listings below and best of luck with your new home search, no matter what you buy.

Edit: We went ahead and listed the price of one of the two homes at what it would be if you added a 3rd bedroom and second bath through the customization on the website. Basically you increase finished area of the house by 50% with an extra bed, bath and kitchenette for another $30K. Not bad. Not bad.

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