Soliciting Street Art in South Kenzo


We’ve enjoyed watching the street art scene in Philly grow in the past years and support it in any way we can. There is something amazing about the joy in an artist’s face when a blank wall is up for grabs. We’re putting one more wall out there in the South Kensington neighborhood right around the corner from Nosego’s piece shown below and we’re looking for three artists interested in putting a piece up.

NoseGo in South Kensington

The wall is the rear border of a new project we’re working on now. It’s about 120′ long and we are going to divide it into three sections. The weeds and old tags in the pics are being cleaned up now. This wall will be in place for at least 6 months. If you are interested in claiming one of these spots you can send an email to info at or contact us via social media. Send an example of what you’d like to put up there and we’ll select three folks and get back to you within a week most likely.

Palethorp Wall


Blank Canvas South Kensington

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