Some More Pics of Avant Garage


Last week we finished up and sold the corner unit at Avant Garage to a new lucky homeowner. We only have one unit left to sell at 405 Memphis and there is a lot of interest, so if you want one of these custom homes, you’ll need to act fast.


One of our local Realtor friends, Daniel Sandoval, impressed us recently with his photography skills by posting the image above on Facebook a few weeks back. We spoke with him further and learned he is making his talents available for homes now. We quickly jumped at his very reasonable offer to shoot Avant Garage. Some of our favorite shots he took of the corner unit that just sold can be seen below. There are more on the project page also. Thanks again Daniel for helping us out with these great shots!

The client made some good choices in the kitchen. She opted for for a white kitchen with black Richlite countertops and a custom island with bar seating wrapped in Neopolitan Strand Plyboo or as we call it Tiger Strand Bamboo.






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  2. Andy says:

    Very nice!

    What kind of brackets were used to achieve the open stair risers? And what are the treads made of?

  3. Chad Ludeman says:

    We make custom brackets by cutting up and drilling 2″ angle iron and painting it. The treads are PSL’s or structural beams that we get in 12′ length and cut down to 3′ tread sizes. Plenty strong to span 3′ in the plank orientation. Sand it, poly it, screw it down, done.

  4. Michael Go says:

    hi Chad

    I would like to ask as to what material did you use for the side facade siding and back facade siding? Is this some kind of corrugated sheet?

    Also is there a special unit like the left most of the 4, where it has a side window on the firewall?

    Thanks hope to hear from you soon

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